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The Great Shed Reorganization, Day 2


I Was A Bad Girl.

I was a bad girl.

I ate a caramel.

I’ve been craving caramels, but I’m a health nut

and everybody knows that health nuts

are called “nuts” because they give up tasty things like caramels.

But I couldn’t help wanting something more than the “legal” dark chocolate

because dark chocolate isn’t sweet

And I really wanted a treat.

Something gooey and luscious mixed with chocolate

Is what I needed. How is it that

My sister just happened to pack a vegan caramel

in the box of gifts she sent for this past holiday?

‘Cept I didn’t know what they were.

I didn’t look at the label at first, for

of course I’m a health nut.

So I’m obliged to throw all candy in the trash.

But for some reason, I kept all the candies

under the bed. Could be I felt guilty

for my contemplation

of tossing the gifted candy to damnation.

Then the other night, I couldn’t curb my craving anymore.

Would I have to break down and go to the store?

But no! I remembered the gift my sister gave.

Didn’t know there was caramel, just something chocolaty.

So I looked, and – beautiful day! – it was something called a “Cocomel” – a chocolate-covered caramel made of coconut milk and other sort-of healthy ingredients.

All vegan. No butter.

There were two nuggets; I ate one.

Only one. Because we all know that I’m a health nut.

I am still, aren’t I?

Maybe. But I’m a bad girl…aren’t I?

Or is it sad that I think I’m bad

for one little indulgence?

The thought is turning repugnant

because when all is said and done

the truth is that I’m rediscovering in my middle age how to have fun.


The Shed Makeovers Begin!

Having finished with my latest house declutter, and almost finished the redecorating (only the table-topper and new – desperately needed, I might add – dish towels remain) the house, I am turning my attention toward two other spaces on our property that need a lot of help: the storage (AKA tool) shed and the Tuff Shed.

The wannabe tiny house

I want to turn the downstairs of the Tuff Shed back into a tiny house.

Whoa, what do I mean, back into a tiny house? Did you not know that we lived in the Tuff Shed for almost two years before our earth-sheltered house was ready? J extended the loft, then we insulated the shed and gave it a decorative floor. When it was ready, we stuffed B and his things in the loft and as much of our other household items into the “first floor” as we could.

Long story short: after we moved in to the house, the Tuff Shed got junky. I recently made it a lot less junky, but I decided that’s not good enough. While it will probably have to house some boxes, I want to make it look much more like a tiny house than a storage building.

Which means I need to do a serious declutter and reorganization of the storage shed to make room for the things I want to get out of the Tuff Shed.

The first step was to get rid of the six windows and storm door that we were going to use for a porch which we decided we didn’t want to bother building. With J’s permission, I posted an ad to craigslist a couple of months ago to the Tulsa site.

Finally – finally! – someone purchased them and picked them up on Friday (January 5)! Woo-hoo! That’s given me space to temporarily move some storage shed objects into the Tuff Shed, allowing me to more easily move things around in the storage shed.

And now as I near the end of this post, I’ve decided I’m going to vlog each step in the shed declutter/reorganizing process. The video below is the first vlog, so watch and enjoy!


See, I TOLD YOU Processed Foods Were Evil!

On my old blog, on this blog, and in more than one e-book I have pontificated about the dangers of regularly consuming processed foods.

For anyone who still thinks that eating processed foods is perfectly safe, the following video will give them ten more reasons to rethink their thinking. It’s a video that B encountered and watched the other day. It’s humorous and shocking at the same time. Play it and weep!



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