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Starting My Online Life Over; A.K.A., I Sure Hope This Is My Final Decision

I’m starting over with my online business; namely, my writing, blogging, and video-making.

No, I’m not taking down this blog. But remember the post I wrote a few weeks before this one, confessing that I didn’t like the name of this blog? That it didn’t really fit where I was heading? I said I wasn’t going to abandon or take down the blog, and I will stick to that.

However, from now on I am going to post content in keeping with its purpose, to inspire people to live a life of freedom, to go after their dreams. I plan to post one such article every week, although I will make no promises.

Perimenopause happens.

In addition, when I am into writing a novel – I mean, really into it – I couldn’t care less about my blogs. So if I end up posting less frequently than once a week, I am more likely to be obsessed with my latest novel than in perimenopausal doldrums.

I’ve finally grown up; here’s what I decided to be

It’s like I’ve gone through a series of midlife crises since we moved. I understand the reasons: a major life change (moving from the city to the country, and struggling to make homesteading work), magnesium deficiency, and perimenopause causing more and more intense physical P.M.S. symptoms – namely, fatigues and headaches – despite me getting enough magnesium.

All this and trying to adjust to my husband and son both trying to adjust. It’s been heavy.

But lately, things seem to be falling into place. I’ve done some serious soul-searching, and realized that I will never be “the next Erma Bombeck” because – HELLO! – I am Emily Josephine. I know I will write humor books one day, but with the consistency of Erma Bombeck?

Unlikely. Plots for romance novels keep scratching inside my brain, begging to be released.

So for the time being I am going to stay focused on writing “sweet, clean” romance novels – some of which will undoubtedly end up becoming romantic comedies and parodies.

If an inspiration for a short story hits, I will, of course, go with it.

Someday, humorous non-fiction will come along for the ride.

What I decided not to be is a writer of any more self-help books. The reason why is a blog post in and of itself, and I think I wrote that post here. You might notice that I took down all the images of my free e-books from the sidebar. That’s because I unpublished them from the Kindle store. I also unpublished all of my paid non-fiction books. Why?

  1. They haven’t sold well (MY self-help books, I mean, not self-help in general).
  2. They’re not my best work. I may put them back up for purchase in the future, but only after doing some serious rewriting.
  3. They no longer represent the brand of author I want to become.

Yes, I have started ANOTHER new blog!

I finally decided to bite the bullet and do what I should have done several years ago – buy a domain name with my author name in it, invite my book readers to sign up to my e-mailing list, and use that blog to connect with my readers.

There, I will write the humorous articles about my life. There, I will promo my books (although I will do it here for awhile as well since there are a lot of people who have only my liveyourdreams URL).

As a matter of fact, if you read my blog because you are a fan of my fiction work, consider this your official invitation to click over there and join my e-mail list. In exchange, you get five quirky/humorous short stories with surprise endings – and if you stay on the list you will always get a chance to receive a free Advanced Reader Copy of any of my future books.

Click here to sign up now. 🙂


I ditched YouTube for a LO-ONG time, for several reasons. One reason was struggling to figure out how to fit video-making into my schedule. Another was figuring out how to make much better quality videos.

I’ve finally done both, so I plan to start uploading at least one video a week to both my Crunchy Emily channel as well as the channel about the vegan lifestyle.

And, hey, remember how I laughed at myself for wanting to try to be a singer?

I did not return the Band In A Box software. In fact, I’ve already had a good bit of fun exploring it and even putting together my first song! Thus I decided that I will record my songs and either post them to my vegan channel or start yet a third channel.

To sum

Come back to this blog if you like the kind of posts such as this one and this one.

But if you like reading my humor-ized versions of my personal life, if you want to connect with me reader-to-author, check out Emily Josephine Writes.

Thanks, and either way I’ll see you again soon!

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