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A Decision

I recently changed the theme of this blog to simplicity, because if anyone who is serious about achieving their dreams and goals can only do so if they focus and simplify.

Far be it from me to be a hypocrite. After much thought and prayer, I have made a few decisions about how I am going to focus and simplify my online business.

Good-bye, e-mail list

I was afraid this would happen. I was afraid that if I paid GetResponse a year in advance, I would change my mind about having an e-mail list.

I should have gone with my gut feeling. *Sigh.*

One of the big decisions I’ve made is to nix the e-mail list. Even though I won’t get my money back. (If you are on my list, please keep reading because I have important info for you coming up.)

I know, I know. Everybody else says that if you want to make money online, you have to have a list. You can’t make money without a list.

If you read my post about making money with YouTube, then you know there is at least one way to make money – and possibly a lot of it – without having a list, or even a website, for that matter. The vast majority of views that I get each month are from people who are not subscribed to my channel.

That can work with blogs. If I get enough traffic, I will eventually have a good number of people who either subscribe to my RSS feed, or who like me so much that they continue to visit me every week or two…without me having to hound them.

That’s why I’ve never liked maintaining an e-mail list. It’s a kind of manipulation. “Hey, open this and read it, because I’m hoping that you’ll like the content so much that you’ll buy one of my e-books or affiliate products.”

If you know nothing about Internet Marketing, let me clue you in: everything about an e-mail that you receive, from the subject line to the concluding sentence of the message, is intended to compel you to take some sort of action that the marketer hopes will eventually turn into a sale.

Here is how far the manipulation will go. I recently got on somebody’s list because they seemed to know something about getting a lot of traffic to a blog. The last e-mail I got had the subject line, “How to make a million dollars from a blog.”

When I opened the e-mail, I expected to find a link to a blog post on the subject, and I expected the blog post to provide a bunch of tips about how to make a million dollars a year from a blog. Isn’t that what you would have expected?

But that’s not what I got. Nope. Instead, the link was to a blog post telling me that the blogger had no idea (his own words) about how he was going to monetize a blog he’d just started as an experiment. He had announced earlier that he was going to start a blog that he intended to be making $100K from within a year. And that blog post with the extremely deceptive title provided no good information.

Do I need to tell you that I unsubscribed from that dude’s list?

A few years ago, I was on a lot of different Internet Marketers’ lists, trying to learn how to make money online. I didn’t stay on most of them for any length of time. Why?

All the manipulative bullshit. “Sign up for my course NOW, because at midnight tonight the price goes back up to the regular $999!” (The special price would be something like $499.) Of course, one guy had the audacity to write, “OMFG” in his subject line.

Um, you don’t get to dis my Father and Creator and get away with it.

It’s not all bad

I’m not telling you that you should unsubscribe from all e-mailing lists that you are on. Not everyone who has such a list is manipulative. Many of them simply want to remind you that they exist so that you will revisit their blog now and again so that Google will like them better and therefore rank them higher in search results.

A few sell bona fide products that they believe will be helpful, and since you bought from them at least once they want to remind you that they will still be there the next time you need whatever they sell.


My perspective

I don’t want someone to buy from my website because I’m constantly in their face. I want someone to buy from my website because they are a responsible adult who knows what they want and is capable of making their own decisions.

If they like what they see on my blog, they will either share it, bookmark it, or subscribe to the RSS feed – perhaps a combination of those.

They will probably come back. And if they come back a few more times and like the information they’re getting for free, they may decide to pay in order to get more detailed and more organized information on the topic.

Besides…One of my subscribers just e-mailed me to tell me that the links in the e-mail to download the free reports aren’t working!

I tried them, and sure enough, they’re not! No wonder I’ve had several unsubscribers lately – and thank you very much, R, for the heads-up. (So if you ever decide to have an e-mail list, use Aweber, not GetResponse. Arrgh.)

Subscribers, take heart!

If you are one of those who have subscribed and not yet unsubscribed, stay subscribed for a bit longer. I am a woman of my word. I promised you free bonuses, and you will get those free bonuses.

Right now, I am working on setting up a page with links to all the freebies I had intended to send out to you over the space of two years. When I am finished with that page – within a week of my publishing this post, I hope and plan – I will be sending you two more e-mails with a link to that page. The link will also be in the sidebar by that time.

Whosoever will should be able to have access to the free material, not just those who are willing to give up an e-mail address. Most people won’t, often for the reasons I gave above related to my own experiences as a subscriber to lists. Why punish them or withhold from them for having a justifiable and healthy bit of skepticism?

So, a hearty thank you to all my e-mail subscribers. And I certainly hope that you will continue to return to this blog for information on improving both your financial situation and for simplifying your life.

To your success!


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