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A Drastic Shift

I was going to publish this post a couple of days ago. Then, I didn’t. First, I was afraid I’d come off as harsh. Second, for a day I changed my mind about starting the new blog (I was having one of those evil perimenopausal hormone surges). But now that I’m in my right mind, yes, I do want to start the new blog, and I don’t care if I seem harsh. Some of you need to hear some harshness in order to wake up.

Now that I’ve got you eager to read, here is the article:

We Westerners are a bunch of sniveling, spoiled brats. Notice the “we.” I’m including myself here.

  • While a child in Africa is dying of starvation, we are complaining that our fries are too cold.
  • While twelve-year-old girl is being forced to offer her body to strangers, we are complaining about having to take our car in for service.
  • While a three-year-old wanders the Haitian village where he has just been orphaned, we’re buying a new iPhone on credit because we don’t want to behind in technology.
  • While an entire family loses their lives to a horribly painful bought of cholera within three days, we fight over which diet lifestyle is the healthiest.

We are spoiled, and I’m damn sick of it.

I’m damn sick of myself. My wealthy, isolated, living-in-a-cocoon-with-her-head-up-her-ass self. I’m two weeks from turning 47 as I write these words, and what impact have I made in the world to show for it? Not a whole lot.


I’ve been ignoring the call of God on my life, pretty much my whole life.

Since my late teens, I have had a strong desire to do something to help my fellow humans – especially women and children – who were being treated inhumanely. I have had a heart to help victims of sexual abuse, rape, and sex trafficking. What did I do? Enter the conventional job force because I was afraid that if I went after what I really wanted to do, I would starve.

Well, I’m in no danger of starving now. And – if you haven’t figured it out yet – I’ve had a wake-up call. An epiphany. Revelation.

A spiritual smack upside the head.

I’m no longer interested in helping spoiled Westerners to live their “dream life.” Most people live their “dream” lives by running roughshod over the poor and powerless. And most people read a warm-fuzzy blog post or inspirational or self-help book and just go back to their miserable, mediocre lives. This is frustrating to those of us who are trying to encourage and motivate people to create freer lives for themselves.

I guess sometimes you have to get really frustrated before you realize what it is you’re really supposed to be doing. Hit some brick walls and fun stuff like that.

My purpose in life isn’t supposed to be writing inspirational romance, helping you get out of debt and quit your sucky job, or writing curriculum for children. It’s to be an activist in the area of human rights and human justice. It’s to give other people wake-up calls. This world is going to hell in a handbasket, because of all the complacent Westerners who throw fits when the Internet connection goes awry. I’ve decided to shake off my complacency. I’ve decided that my voice will be heard – my voice that will call out government corruption, reveal the horrible things done to our fellow humans in the name of money, and call to those of us with resources to wake the hell up and start giving a BLEEP!

I’m still going to blog here probably once or twice a week. I’ll post a video, and write about it. The end.

But I’m going to do something I said I wasn’t going to do again (can you hear my husband laughing in the background?). I’m going to start a new blog.

I’ll  give you a link when I’ve got it all figured out. But that is where I’m going to focus most of my creative energy and time: creating videos to educate, and hopefully motivate people to action, accompanied by blog posts and lists of resources and organizations.

Want more specifics? The name of the blog will be Pro-Human Vegan. The tagline: “Fighting for freedom for the HUMAN animals.” (Because, blast it anyway, veganism shouldn’t just be about cows and chickens.)

If you’re not too scared that what I have to say might make you actually do something positive to fight against corruption and injustice, then by all means, give the blog a visit.

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