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A Gift, And A Favor

A gift

Facing the overwhelm of having a house built and moving into it this past summer and fall, I lost my vision for this blog, and the sense of my calling.

Well, we are moved in, and well-settled – and finally, so are my mind and soul. The name of this blog contains “live your dreams” for a reason: because deep in my heart, I want to coach people to make the necessary changes and pursue the necessary goals in order to move toward the life of their dreams.

To that end, I am offering you – and all who will visit this blog – a gift. You may have already noticed it in the sidebar. It is a free copy of my e-book, Take Back Your Life! Three Steps To Designing The Life You REALLY Want. Sign up to get it now; I believe it will bless you.

A favor

At long last, I have set up a Facebook business page – like I’m “supposed” to do. It’s to help Facebook users to find this blog, and to give visitors to my blog who enjoy spending time on Facebook the opportunity to connect with me there.

Would you do me a favor and “like” my page? The more likes I get, the more people will find it. The more people who find it I hope will mean the more people whom I can help to get their finances and health in order so that they can be free to live their dreams.

Click here to get to my new Facebook page. Feel free to become a fan, as well. 😉

Thanks in advance, and don’t forget to grab your free copy of Take Back Your Life! May it revolutionize your New Year.

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