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A Home-Grown Salad (even dessert!)

We finally did it this year! We finally had a salad that was 2/3 from our garden! Usually in the summer, it would be a salad of cucumber and tomato. But if you’ve been reading my posts from the last couple of months, you’ll know that I didn’t really put in a summer garden this year.

However, I did have some carrots growing in a pot. Recently, I harvested the last ones:

And you have seen my very large broccoli plants as well. Following are just a few leaves from the plants:

Before I go on about the salad, notice the greenish apple on the left. Also home-grown! Isn’t that exciting? The not exciting thing about it is that it was knocked off the tree prematurely, I’m guessing by the wind. Even less exciting is that several days later, a rat (wild, not pet) got into the orchard and knocked several apples off in order to have a few bites of one.

Don’t mama rats teach their babies about the Clean Plate Club? Well, I’m glad this rat’s mama didn’t. Because here’s the deal: those slightly premature apples? Taste like Granny Smith apples! Just so happens that a Granny Smith apple is just that: an apple that is just shy of turning color.

The apple in the photo above I put in a breakfast smoothie the next day. The five that I picked up from the ground (no rat tooth marks!) are sitting in a basket in the kitchen, waiting to be enjoyed. However thrilled I am at FINALLY having apples from our own trees, I’d like the rest of them to ripen before we harvest them. So we found and fixed the hole through which we assume the rat had entered.

Okay, back to the salad. Here’s a side view of the grated carrots and steamed broccoli leaves in J’s dinner bowl:

Here’s a top view of the chopped and steamed broccoli.

There is no feeling like eating food you grew yourself!

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