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A Life Filled With Echoes

We all have regrets. All of us, that is, who are over the age of twenty-five. We regret our choice of career, that hurtful relationship in our youth, not saving or investing, developing an addiction.

We regret not saying “I love you” enough, not forgiving a certain someone before they died, wasting our time, being angry too often, not laughing often enough.

Having regrets is normal. The question is…

Do your regrets have you?

In the book Anne of Avonlea (the sequel to Anne of Green Gables), Miss Lavender states that she has a “life full of echoes.” Unfulfilled dreams. Regrets.

Can you relate? Yes? Then, allow me to challenge you…


You’re still on this earth. You still have time. You may not achieve exactly what you had hoped to achieve in the exact way you had pictured it. But you have the power to make a choice.

Choose to make a shift, a shift that will neutralize the force of all those regrets.

Then take a step in that new direction. One little baby step.

You can do it. You don’t want to have a life filled with echoes.

To your success!


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