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A Quiet Morning

I went out to pick blackberries early this morning, and it was quiet. Of course, it was too early to hear the distant sound of a lawn mower, tractor, or other machinery that one occasionally hears on our mountain.

But it wasn’t just man-made silence. No cicadas buzzed, no birds sang. The only sound was the mesmerizing chirping of crickets.

I had begun to pray out loud as I began to pluck the berries, but stopped after a few seconds. How often am I given the gift of quiet? A natural quiet, I mean, not that boredom-inducing silence of an empty house. The quiet of outdoors that soaks into your soul and refreshes your spirit.

The external quiet that induces an internal quiet. That hushes the worries going through your mind, and gently pushes away the negativity souring your emotions.

We all need that kind of quiet once in a while. Would probably be better people if we could experience it every day. So I challenge you, find a quiet place outside today. Or the very next day that weather permits. It might be the courtyard of the corporate complex where you work. It might be a park, or a woods-lined trail curving behind your neighborhood.

Maybe, if you’re reading this in summertime, there will be cicadas buzzing. Or birds chirping. There may even be muffled sounds of people talking and laughing, a car or three passing by.

So find the quietest place you can. As I said at the beginning, not even out here in the middle of nowhere are things as quiet as they were this morning. Go for the best available, rather than perfection.

We all need time and space to regroup, to get our minds re-centered on the truly important things of life. It doesn’t take a five-acre spread at the bottom of a mountain. Just a little distance from the daily stress, grind, and noise.

Find that quiet today, and rediscover how blessed you are.




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