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A Shelter From The Storm

This is cool.


I know to the outsider it looks like a brush pile. But it’s not. It’s a lean-to that B built. He had a little help from his daddy, but not too much.

Why is that a big deal? The big deal is, he finished it. That’s important for two reasons. First, kids with ADHD are notorious for not completing projects that they begin with enthusiasm. Second, this is our third summer here (in a rural area), and the first two summers he made some sort of attempt to build an outdoor fort of sorts. Both times, he planned something beyond his ability. Both times, he realized that fact early and quit in dismay and disappointment.


This may not look like much to you, but to me it signifies a lot. It signifies a child who is beginning to accept his limitations (as a child), rather than trying too soon to be a grown-up and then getting discouraged (angry, truly) about it. It signifies a child who is maturing.

And it signifies that I was right. He is going to grow up and succeed, regardless of his inability to fit in with conventional school.

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