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A Shocking Occurrence At Our Health-Nut Home

The other day, at the tender age of ten, our son took his first dose of synthetic medicine.

Now that you’ve picked yourself up off the floor, let me tell you why: it was either that, or everybody stay up all night because B would have not been able to sleep. See, B caught the lovely strep. virus, and by the end of Day 1, the pain in his throat was so bad he didn’t want to eat and he couldn’t sleep after going to bed.

Yes, I used essential oils. Several kinds, and several times during that day. I let him take those semi-useless homeopathic sugar pills that are supposed to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu (since I had three of those tiny bottles, I figured, what the heck, he wasn’t eating anything else). I even prayed and rebuked the illness and pain.

An hour after going to bed, he woke up crying.

At that point, I said four words that I had hoped would never come out of my mouth: “Give him an Advil.”

Yes, we have Advil in the house. J will get a tenacious allergy-related headache once in a while, and however much I have tried, I have not been able to find an (affordable!) way to reduce headache pain using nature’s medicine cabinet. May I add that I was ever so grateful for ibuprofen the first couple of days after I broke my arm two years ago, and the first day after coming home from the surgery on the arm(after that, anti-inflammatory essential oils did the trick).

Go ahead and close your mouth before a fly gets into it. I’m not the tight-anus health nut that you thought I was.

Anyway. Since B did not want to try to swallow anything, J cut the gelcap open, poured the liquid onto a spoon, and mixed in some honey. My very own Mary Poppins, living in my house.

Down the hatch! B went to sleep soon after, and slept through the night. And was still alive the next morning, what do you know?! He even had a second Advil before bed the next night, and survived.

Do I still believe natural remedies should be the first go-to medicine? Absolutely! But I learned several years ago that sometimes, the fast-working synthetic drugs are best to facilitate happiness and peace.

But only sometimes. Like, oh, I don’t know, once or twice a decade.  😉

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