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My name is Emily Josephine Jacques. I go by my first and middle name as my author name because my mother once told me, “I wanted to give you [my siblings and I] names that sounded fancy in case you ever became famous.”

While I’m hardly famous, I do have a small, loyal readership on Kindle. If that’s you, I thank you kindly. I’ve always loved to write, and began writing stories in third grade and creating my first book in the fourth or fifth grade.

However, the many dreamkillers around me led me to believe that writing was a risky career, and so in college I majored in Elementary Education and taught in one of the many Dallas public schools for thirteen years.

I had become disillusioned by the system by my fourth year, and was thrilled when Jerry, a few months after we got married, agreed to let me resign my position and try my hand at getting a book published. But shortly thereafter, I got pregnant and didn’t feel like doing anything for a long time.

While Kindle has not turned out to be the road to easy money from writing that I’d hoped – and others had deceived me – it would be, it has been nice to get my various messages and novels out there and get mostly four- and five-star reviews.

My husband, Jerry, and I live in rural southeast Oklahoma with our son, Benjamin, where I tend a 1600-square foot garden and a growing number of fruit and nut trees and berry bushes on a five-acre property.

It was the dream of both of us to get out of the city and live in a wooded area, preferably mountainous. From my third trimester of pregnancy at age 36, up until he was forty-two and I was nearly forty-four, we lived in a large house (2159 square feet) in Plano, Texas.

But I had been yearning for the past several years, while I was still single, to get out of the city and live in the country, which is where I grew up (albeit 950 miles to the north). When Benjamin was still not two years old, I began to plant seeds in Jerry’s mind about the possibility. I devoured every book on personal finance I could get my hands on.

I tell our whole story – from the financial side – in my book Hatching the Nest Egg, so I will refrain from doing so here. Suffice it to say that we kicked the Money Monster out of the house, got serious with our goal to retire early, and did it!

Why I work an online business

You might wonder why I am selling books and other products if we have declared financial independence. Four reasons.

  1. While we can live on our investments, assuming all goes as it has been, until our earthly bodies die (whenever that may be), we do not want to depend solely on them as our source of income. You never know what will happen, so our aim is to make at least a part-time income with my Internet business.
  2. I have a lot of free time now, even after all my daily chores. And I am a writer and a teacher, so I churn out products. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect payment for providing a valuable product or service.
  3. We want to be able to give more to charities. Having a stream of income beyond our investment portfolio makes that possible.
  4. We want to be able to give our son experiences that our own parents couldn’t afford when we were kids, like a trip to the Grand Canyon.
  5. Most importantly, my heavenly Father has called me to do this business.

While we’re on the topic of money, I need to make one thing clear: we could have afforded to stay in our suburban home, since it was paid off, paying over ten times more in property tax than we do here, at least twice as much in electric bills, plus over $60 a month for municipal utilities. We chose a much simpler lifestyle where we had more freedom to make sustainable choices, such as using a composting toilet. I also wanted to breathe fresher air.

So here we are, waking in our much smaller home (than we owned in Plano) every day to the view of our own woods, and of the mountain on the other side of the road.

Update: my purpose has become more clear

Years ago, I felt a call to write books, as well as to teach children Biblical principles. In July of 2016, God’s purpose for this season of my life became crystal clear: I am to write a math curriculum for homeschoolers! If you homeschool and have been disillusioned with the math curriculum choices that are out there, please visit my Amazon.com author page and click the link to follow my publications. I may not be finished until some time in 2018. I hope late 2017, but not likely. Regardless, if you click that link to follow me you will be informed as soon as I make the curriculum available.

Of course, you can always follow this blog, which I will use to announce any and all new publications!

After the math is finished, I will also be writing stories to teach children Biblical principles and ideas from the New Testament. The stories are geared toward homeschooling families; however, of course, any parent who would like to help their children understand the Bible better is welcome to purchase them If you would like to be informed when it is published, again, please visit my Amazon.com author page and click the link to follow my publications. Thanks.