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An Exciting Delivery

I am getting ready to do the supper dishes when I hear the familiar noise of a truck coming up our little dirt road. Is it – could it be – ?

“I think it’s UPS!” I exclaim, opening the door to verify my guess by spotting the unmistakable multiple rows of headlights pulling into our driveway.

Yes, it is, and B follows me as I walk out to meet our UPS guy. Crazy thing is, I don’t realize what we have received until I have told Mr. UPS to “have a good one” and walked several steps back toward our house.

Then it hits me. I realize.

And I get excited.

If it’s not so dark, I’m pretty sure I would see J rolling his eyes. Like, “There goes her perimenopausal brain again, not even remembering the Big Item she has so eagerly awaited lo these past eight or nine days.”

Okay, so J doesn’t exactly think in such formal terms. Actually, being dyslexic, he thinks in pictures, not words. So I couldn’t tell you what all might be going through his head at that moment.

But I digress.

Our special delivery is an Epson scanner! One of the low-priced ones – while researching, J told me that it would be sufficient for what I want to use it for –  but it feels like a Big Ticket Item to me, regardless. Why?

Publishing. It’s going to open a whole new world to me. I can now create my own puzzles, games, and various creatively-designed and drawn pages and scan them into the computer. I don’t have to cause myself eye strain trying to create computer-perfect graphics, nor do I have to beg J to be my graphic designer, in order to create practice and activity pages for Story Math™.

Not only that, I now have the ability to create a variety of other homeschooling materials. See, I’m a teacher. I have to teach. And homeschooling my one child is not enough. Lately, I’ve developed a yearning to reach out to more children, to more homeschooling families. I want to make life a little easier for them, make learning a little more fun. And I’ve got some ideas beyond Story Math.

And, yeah, I’d like to earn some money in the process.

So. We have a scanner. Let the fun begin!

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