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An Idealist Dealing With An Imperfect World

I recently started listening to the “School Sucks” podcast. I recommend it to all of my readers; start with the very first podcast, the introduction, and work your way up. If you already aren’t skeptical and cynical about government, you will be by the time you finish listening to the fifth episode!

As much as I recommend it, however, it gave me a problem.

It made me want more than ever to live beneath the poverty line so that we won’t have to pay any taxes to the government.

It all started with a book about chemtrails I read in part a few months ago. I knew before that the government wasted tax dollars, but this whole thing about trying to play God to change the climate made me so angry that I screamed at God. If my tax dollars help the Almighty Narcissists to pollute the air on a regular basis (at least one week out of every month, based on what I’ve seen in the sky where we live), then I was going to do what it took to not have to pay the federal government any taxes!

And then there’s the whole marketing thing

A few weeks ago, I read the novel The Curtain by Patrick Ord. It’s not great writing, but what Ord reveals about the marketing system through his story shocked me. It made me want to, at the very least, unmonetize all my YouTube videos and to quit trying to sell books via Amazon.

I didn’t want any part of the manipulation that takes place in the marketing world in order for the elite to stay in power.

Between the marketing system and the political system, people can only maintain their individuality – and thus, true freedom – if they get informed about the truth of what those two systems are doing (often in tandem; lobbyists, anyone?) and work to unbrainwash themselves from the herd mentality they have been fed since they were infants.

And so informed, I’ve been feeling guilty

I’ve been asking myself some hard questions lately. Do I really want to be helping to make Google money? Are my attempts to market my books unethical because any sort of marketing involves some level of manipulation? Should I be partnering with Amazon and helping Jeff What’s-His-Name make more money, despite what I know about the some of the shady behaviors and beliefs the guy approves of or holds? Is it right for J and I to be living off of investments, much of which undoubtedly comes from companies that indirectly support slave or sweatshop labor, or that pollute the environment?

And – most recently, thanks to the School Sucks podcast – should I even be trying to make an income, since the more money I make, the more taxes we have to pay to the wasteful and evil federal government? Would it be more ethical for me just to lounge around and garden rather than to write and try to sell any more books?

And then, God spoke

I was struggling with these questions the other day as I was preparing our morning smoothies. Really, I was praying. Something along the lines of, “Tell me what to do!”

The voice of God can come in one of several ways. This time, it was an unexpected thought. I hadn’t stopped to try to listen for an answer, and the thought that popped into my head was far from anything going on in my brain at the moment.

The thought was: “I have not called you to fix all the world’s problems.”

That was Father’s neat little package to tell me…

  • …I don’t need to worry about what the government is doing.
  • …I don’t need to feel guilty about being entrenched in this modern, high-tech, marketing-based culture.
  • …It’s not my job to save the slaves or sweatshop workers on the other side of the world; in other words, overturn the governments and cultures of developing nations (because that’s basically what it would take).
  • …I’m allowed the financial abundance Father has allowed us to have because business and finance have always been around, and never been perfect. (I thought later about the Bible verse, “The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.” Hmm…)
  • …Ditto about making money.

And then, I asked for specifics

After receiving that unexpected yet burden-lifting answer, and the interpretation of everything it meant, I asked, “What am I called to do?”


Duh. I knew that.

But every once in a while – especially when I’m feeling guilty about having to be part of the marketing system – I need to hear it.

“What about YouTube?”

Only do it if it brings you joy.

Okay, let me think about that one for a moment. The last time I felt joy in asking J and B to leave so that I could make a video; while reading a negative comment on a video; while actually making a video; while editing a video; while looking at my analytics and realizing that after seven years and nearly 600 videos, I’m still only making around $50 per month (and that’s when I’m pumping out at least four videos a week) – the last time I felt joy when doing any of those things was…when?

Can’t remember.

As far as I’m concerned, my channel can just sit there and rot.

My next question: “Should I try to make money with my writing?”

Answer: Price your books at fair market value, then trust Me.

Trust my heavenly Father. What a novel idea! I think I’ll give it a shot.

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