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Are You Striving, Or Are You Living?

I believe in making as healthy choices as possible. I believe 90% of health has to do with diet, nutrition, and general lifestyle (toxin exposure, how much we move, etc.). For years, I read every book I could find about health – specifically, natural health – and nutrition. I tried to follow all the rules.

Which was hard, because everybody’s rules were different from everybody else’s. But I tried.

See, I had some health challenges (and now, thanks to That Time Of Life, still do, and in some cases to a greater extent), and I believed that somewhere out there was the Perfect Formula For Health. If I just read enough books, I would find it. And then I would follow that author’s rules, and all my troubles would be over.

I became obsessed with healthy eating.

Then there is the guy who lives up the mountain from us. Almost every time he stops by to chat, he ends up talking about spiritual stuff.

I ain’t talking Jesus stuff. I’m talking, “The Universe blah-blah-blah,” and “Everything is consciousness.”

He tells us about the books he’s been reading. Some of them sound interesting. Others? Well, let’s just say I’ve read the beginning of the Gospel of Thomas and it did not sit well in my spirit.

He’s always reading some book or other about spirituality (avoiding, I can’t help noticing, any that claim that Jesus is God), and always coming up with some new (to him) ideas about God and the Universe.

He is confused and uncertain as to what Truth is, and so he has become obsessed with looking for it.

He and I are woven from the same cloth in that respect. We want to know the exact right thing for our lives, just in different areas. And when we do, we know we will have Paradise On Earth.

But I recently realized that perfection is something I will never find on this planet. (But, hmm, anyone taking any trips to Mars in the foreseeable future?) I realized that no matter how healthy I eat, and how much I avoid toxins, I am still getting old. And one day, the shell that encases my spirit will die.

I realized that my striving had gotten in the way of my living.

Let me say that again, because some of you really need to get that: Your striving is getting in the way of your living. At some point, you need to just accept the fact that you can never know or understand everything, and just get on with life the best you can.

I hope our neighbor will soon have the same revelation, that his obsession is keeping him from living fully. I want him to experience the same freedom that I have discovered.

What about you? Are you striving, or are you living?

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