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Blackberries!, Plus Other Garden Updates

Blackberry Surprise

Last year, I decided I wasn’t going to water the blackberries anymore. I was just going to let them die.

Well, so far this spring/summer, nature has watered them pretty well. The canes haven’t produced nearly as many berries as the could have, because late this winter I severely pruned them. Because remember, I was just going to let them die. So I wasn’t concerned about how big my harvest would be.

But I wonder how big it could have been? Check out these pics:

Now, I know that this doesn’t look like a whole lot of berries. It’s about one and a half cups. But the other two or three “harvests” have been a mere handful, in large part due to birds and bugs snacking on them. So I was pleasantly surprised when I went out one day and picked all of these.

Now, I think I’ve changed my mind. I’ll let them live. Why? Because they are there! And well-established, and, of course, I can save money on groceries, right? Which is kinda the reason they’re there in the first place. I’m going to work on super-mulching them so that if we have a dry spring, I won’t have to water them as much as I would otherwise. Who knows – maybe one day I’ll figure out how to protect them from birds (bird netting? BTDT – FRUSTRATING MESS!)

What’s growing?

finally got a tomato seed to germinate. Still no cukes or peppers, but it’s early enough for a tomato to give me some fruit before it freezes. I am going to grow it using the Kratky method, of course! I also think one of the branches from the volunteer cherry tomato took. So in the end I will have three tomato plants this year.

Speaking of the volunteer – only a few days before we start eating from that plant! Hooray!

Cleaning up

The big update is how much cleaner the garden is now from what it was a few months ago. Wherever I’m not going to grow anything in the ground is getting covered with carpet. So the garden is actually starting to look like a garden, rather than the jungle it has been! Photos coming up in a later post.

Anyway, I feel so much more at peace when I go into my garden. Things are looking much neater and more orderly.

For someone who likes neatness and order so much, you’d think I’d have less dust on my furniture.

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