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Broken, But Not Shattered


I recently read an awesome post that intends to inspire people to take the action they need to move toward their dreams and goals. It is basically a list of excuses people commonly use to avoid becoming all they can be.

One of the items on the list is, “You are broken.” The writer of the post then goes on, like he does for the other excuses, to contradict this statement.

In the comments section, I contradicted his contradiction. Because I believe we all are broken, somewhere. I don’t think it’s an excuse.

  • You’ve suffered abuse.
  • You’ve suffered rejection.
  • You’ve suffered injustice.
  • You were constantly criticized by one or both parents.
  • You failed in a huge way that let the people you love down.
  • You’ve been addicted to harmful substances.

If you are over the age of fifteen, you have experienced something painful enough to make you feel broken deep inside. It may be something you did and regretted later, it may be something that was done to you.

Whatever it was, it made you feel that you were not good enough for the good things in life. That you didn’t deserve to be happy.

If it’s broken, it can be fixed

The good news is, whatever is broken in you can be fixed. You can be healed. And even before you are completely healed, you can push forward in spite of the pain.

In fact, you should push forward, in spite of the pain. It is in taking positive action to improve your life that soul healing happens the most quickly.

Pray. Seek your heavenly Father’s help, and He will give it.

Will help to you trust other people again and to walk in faith, not fear.

Will help you feel accepted, not rejected.

Will restore what the enemy has stolen.

Will help you to see your great potential.

Will empower you to succeed in a huge way that will help many.

Will help you overcome your addictions and cravings for unhealthy things.

You may feel broken, in fact may be broken. But it ain’t nothing that can’t be fixed.

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