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Building An Earth-Sheltered House, Part Seven: Removing The Exterior Forms

Now we get to the exciting part of building an earth-sheltered house: removing the forms! While I didn’t feel the a-kid-the-night-before-Christmas excitement, I did have trouble sleeping the night before the big day. Benjamin has been experiencing lower digestive issues, having inherited my nervous stomach (okay, you know what I mean).

It was fun to see the dried concrete emerge as each form was taken off. Removing the forms took much less time than assembling them all. Isn’t that the way it is in everything in life? Creating something takes so much time and effort, but it only takes a match-size flame or a few swift strokes of a hammer to destroy the same thing in a matter of hours, minutes, even seconds. Why is that?

All right, enough philosophy. Here is the video of the builders from Conrad’s Castles disassembling the exterior metal forms which created the concrete shell for our earth-sheltered house. Enjoy it, and be sure to watch the next one where the interior, including the dome, forms are removed and I reveal what the structure looks like in its naked state!

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