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Building An Earth-Sheltered House, Part Six

Earlier today (Thursday), early this afternoon, the most important part of the building of our earth-sheltered house occurred.

And I. Want. To. Sleep. For the next twelve hours. My feet are as sore as they used to be back in my waitressing days after a six-hour weekend shift.

(BTW, I wrote the following about 24 hrs ago, so use your imagination and pretend it’s the evening that I wrote it. ;))

I was mostly running in an out of the house taking video clips, but when the concrete went bad on what was supposed to have been the last truck, I pitched in in hoeing and shoveling the leftovers along the west side of the garden to create a weed barrier.

Jerry had a lot more active part, doing this and that to help both the builders and the drivers of the cement mixers and concrete pumper truck. Even Benjamin helped here and there.

Not to mention that all this was done in 95+ degree weather and humidity that must have been over 70%. And in the hot, hot sun. Then there is the noise. For a good five hours, maybe longer, the cement mixers and pump truck dosed our mountain with more than its fair share of noise pollution.

But the pour is over. Our house is drying inside its mold. It is blessedly quiet outside.

Moreover, clouds have blown in, bringing the temperature down by at least ten degrees. Thunder has been rumbling and threatening for the past two hours; for my garden’s sake, I hope and pray that it will turn into something.

Regardless, our house has been built. We still have a long way to go, but the biggest hurdle has been cleared.

Here’s the video of all that went on today, the good, bad, and ugly. There were a few moments of upheaval, but in the end, all went well.

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