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Building An Earth-Sheltered House, Part Three

Watching the building of an earth-sheltered house in action is a real education! In the last video you got to see the first concrete pour. After pouring the footings, the next step is to let the concrete dry and to remove all the lumber forms.

Then, when it has set enough, the area around the footings, inside and out, need to be filled in. The pour was completed before lunch time on Thursday, then the builders removed the forms that afternoon. Friday morning, Troy came to fill the dirt in around the outside of the footings, then returned Saturday to fill in the inside. This video shows that process. Grab all of the little boys in your neighborhood who get a kick out of watching big machines in action!

P.S. – Be sure not to miss the next video, which I’ll post either tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. Our house is actually beginning to take shape! 🙂

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