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Busy Busy Busy…UPDATE On Everything

We are getting close to finishing out the interior of our earth-sheltered house – at least to the extent that we’ll be able to move in; not all the furniture will be finished at thay point – so I’ve been too busy to blog.

So for those who are interested, I thought I’d give some quick updates about what’s going on at our homestead.

The new house

The walls have been painted and puttied with drywall joint compound. Windows and doors installed (porch coming later). Wall frames are up, and as I write J is building the ceiling over the bathroom. Next, he will tile the floor. Wall paneling is coming from local sawmill, and that will probably take a couple more weeks to get.

Outside, the dirt berms are all the way up to the dome on the north and west sides, almost all the way up on the east. Most of the dirt has come from the property adjacent to us…for free. The property manager is a great guy – offered it to us without us asking last year when we told him of our house plans – and apparently the owner doesn’t mind. The dirt fill is coming from pits that have either already been carved out, or where it doesn’t matter.

We have a huge stack of Styrene (for extra insulation) waiting to be put in place once there is a foot of dirt on top of the dome.

Our son

I have finally had to face the fact – after suspecting it for the past six years or so – that he is ADHD. This is an official diagnosis from a 13-year veteran teacher  (a-hem, yours truly. He manifests most of the symptoms on any website with a list of those symptoms. End of story). I have been relieved to find that this is very likely the cause of his struggles with learning academics, and no longer have to wonder what I’m doing wrong/have done wrong, or worry that he is brain-damaged or something. We will simply have to take things slowly.

In case you are wondering why I’ve said little to nothing about homeschooling, it is because I have been afraid of what people would say when they’d found out my son was so far behind. Now I am relieved to have a medical explanation.

Also, however I wish we could not need to use technology for his learning, he pays much better and much longer attention to the computer screen and cute cartoons than he does to me. So I am once again having to drop my ideals and allow him to get some of his educational lessons from computer software.

My garden

I have started over with my fall garden, hoping that now that temps have finally gotten cooler I will get a much better germination/survival rate than I did a month ago when I made the first go. This time, also, I am not going to be lazy; I am going to cover the seedlings with row cover as soon as they come up. It has not yet frozen, so the grasshoppers are still wreaking havoc.

But I am still having trouble, as the sunny, windy, dry eighty-ish degree days we’ve been having dry up the soil quickly, even though I am watering the rows of seeds three times a day. We shall see.

I do have a few kale, lettuce, Swiss chard  and broccoli plants that are growing well, but I need a lot more to be self-sufficient in greens. I also have a lot of baby carrots in my 200-gallon pot.

My business

I have decided to get serious about my writing, and want to publicly thank Joanna Penn for inspiring me in that direction. First, I downloaded her free book, How To Make A Living With Your Writingand because of that found her podcast. Then I realized that God’s gift to and calling on me to be an author entrepreneur is without repentance – that is to say, it is there, no matter how much I try to ignore it.

And I have been ignoring it. But I can never ignore the nudges of the Holy Spirit for very long.

Once we get settled in our new house, I am going to set aside two hours every morning to work on fiction (and all my inspirational novel fans said, “AMEN!” 😉  ). I will also be tweaking the purpose and form of this blog, and – no, I’m going to leave that as a surprise. I have another marketing strategy/content delivery method planned, that I think you will really enjoy. But I ain’t telling…yet.

I am also going to get serious with promoting my books via paid advertisements on popular e-book websites. This is, I have found out, how the “little Indies” get discovered and eventually become “big Indies.” If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times: if you want to make money in your business, you have to invest some money.

I’m finally going to stop being stubborn and cheap – at least, in that area. 😉

And of course, I will keep you apprised of my journey toward making a full-time income with my writing.

To sum up…

Life is looking good right now. No, lie. It’s looking great. I’ve discovered I’m not a failure as a mother, I have hopes that we’ll have plenty of greens, I am looking forward into moving into a somewhat bigger space that has a real bathroom with actual DOORS and a CEILING.

And I am totally stoked that I am going to be moving toward my dream of making a four-figure monthly income with my books. Be sure to subscribe to my blog, if you haven’t already, to not miss out on any homesteading or publishing updates! (Click the envelope icon in the sidebar).

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