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Crazy Eighties

I have been dismayed to discover that ‘80s music is now categorized as “oldies” music. Wait a minute…isn’t music from the forties and fifties “oldies”?

A-hem, I was a teenager in the ‘80s (although I never partied like it was 1999).

Despite having received that dubious label, ‘80s music seems to have become a craze. Walk through a mall, and any number of stores might be playing this sound now well-coveted by men and women in their forties and fifties. Many young people listen to it. Like, on purpose. Not because the pop station they listens to throws in an ‘80s song once in a while. (Radio, someone still loves you.)

I haven’t listened to ‘80s music, except in stores, for a long time. The reason? It had become an obsession, my obsession.., and back in my mid-twenties God whispered in my heart to let it go, let it go, do other things you need to do…

Because it had become an idol. (Uh, not the Billy kind…)

So, I got rid of all my cassette tapes (yes, young person, I’m that old) and started listening only to Christian music stations so my spirit would be up where we belong.

Now, although I’m feeling so much older, but I can’t go back, I know, I’ve recently renewed my interest in ‘80s music. Why? Maybe it’s just a hard habit to break.

I could say it all boils down to not being able to tune in a radio in our earth-sheltered house, or that our Internet doesn’t work half the time and so listening to Pandora or a radio station online would be an exercise in frustration. Here comes the rain again

Or I could blame my boys, who are on the two computers playing video games several hours a day.

But the fact it, no one is to blame.

Well, except maybe the current pop artists. And the ones who were hot ten years ago.

Because most of the them are severely lacking in the ‘80s sound. And I tell you that straight from the heart.

“Gee, Emily, could it be because this ain’t the ‘80s anymore? That’s just the way it is.”

Hey – not my fault. And you know, I have heard more recent songs (and so have you) that carry the ‘80s sound. Shut up now, voices carry… So it’s not totally lost, songwriters and musicians just choose to ignore it.

To their peril, because I’m not helping them make their millions, meh-heh-heh. It’s after midnight, and something evil’s lurkin’ in the dark. (DUDE! You thought I was going to leave out the great Michael J.?!)

Anyway. (A perfect place to quote Martina McBride’s song, but as fantastic as it is and as much as I love it, it ain’t ‘80s.)

ANYWAY, I’m a musical person. For a while I was hoping that just playing the guitar and singing would give me my music kick for the day.

Nope. I need to listen to music that I enjoy every day…that’s being performed by somebody else. I know that much is true, that I just need to let the music play.

This led to me to my recent exciting decision: I am going to start buying digital music. Most of it ‘80s; some of it Christian contemporary songs that I have enjoyed during the past decade. I think I’m in love with that idea.

Once I made that decision, I kinda went crazy. I decided that I was finally going to replace the rat-chewed keyboard cord so I could start playing the keyboard again. But I wasn’t going to confine myself to classical and praise/worship music like I had before.

No sirree Bob! I went to Amazon and bought two piano books with 1980’s pop hits. I did it in a minute.

Yep. Me. The minimalist. Who despises spending money, which changes everything. Who is always saying, “Wait a minute. Do we really need that? Are we going to die if we don’t buy that?”

Take a look at me now. Go ahead and call me a hypocrite. One finger pointing at me, three more back at  yourself. 😉 So you might as well jump!

Besides, I’m musical. I’m a lot happier when I can set aside some time each day just to listen to music. After all, girls just wanna have fun.

Okay, not just listen. To sing and maybe dance a little, too. I don’t want to live the glamorous life, just enjoy really good music.

Is God mad at me? Am I disobeying Him?

Nah. Remember this post? Yeah. Old rock stars and all that. They’re just people. The music is just music. And ‘80s music so happens to be my favorite kind. I’m going to be a lot more discerning about what I listen to than when I was a kid, and my life isn’t going to revolve around it.

Did I tell you that I’ve learned how to play the introduction to “Separate Ways” by Journey, which I’ve been wanting to know ever since I first heard the song over thirty years ago? And that in the novel I’m currently working on ‘80s music comes up just a tad?

Nah. I’m not obsessed at all. It’s just that I’ve been wanting to get back to listening to ‘80s music for the longest time.

PS – Pop quiz (lol, pun not intended, although it should be): Which artist has the honor of having two songs named in the above blog post?

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