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Eight Things I Appreciate About Our New Home

Being under extreme stress can make a person do strange things, like write a blog post like this one. The long and the short of it is, I knew I was going to lose J as a child-raising partner for at least two months during the finishing-out process (it was closer to 2.5), and I wanted nothing more than for that not to happen (don’t judge me until you have had to care for our son 24/7 for at least thirty days).

But now that it’s (mostly) all over with, I am glad we had an earth-sheltered house built. Specifically, I am glad that we no longer have to live in a tiny house.

Here are some things I appreciate about our new home:

1. Inside sink.

To make more room in the kitchen area of our previous 192-square-foot home, I moved the sink outside last spring. Not only did it get old having to go in and out constantly just to rinse sticky off my hands or to brush my teeth, but once the cold fall weather and shorter days set in, I was not happy having to wash dishes outside in the dark in temperatures below fifty degrees.

J has yet to build the sink cabinet (I told him it could wait a while), but the set up I created is working well and I love having the sink only a few feet away from me while I’m doing food prep.

2. Family meals.

In the tiny house, J would sit in his “living room” chair to eat most meals because there was only room for two to sit at the dining table. Now, we can all three sit together at the table and eat at once.

3. Extra space.

We no longer have to wait for each other to step aside or scoot in a chair or whatever in order to pass by. And I on-purposely created a large empty space in the middle of the Great Room, over 120 square feet, for running around, doing projects, etc.

I am also enjoying being able to do the laundry (we don’t have running water; I wash it by hand in a tub) without taking up precious space where people need to walk.

4. Home office space.

The computer now has its permanent home on the desk which, in Plano, had been my home office. In the tiny house it served as B’s arts and crafts area, but I have reclaimed it.

I love that the office supplies, my work stuff, and budget paraphenalia are back to being contained in one space – without having to share it with library books, dishes, clothes, or anything else.

5. Coat closet.

Even when I was whining about spending money on a bigger house, I couldn’t help looking forward to having our coats and jackets allocated to their own closet. It’s an open closet, but because it doesn’t contain a lot of items it doesn’t look very cluttered.

B is doing a good job keeping his coat and jacket hung up between wearings, even though this was very difficult to do in the tiny house.

6. Bright.

On sunny days, the light is especially bright in our new house. But even at night or on cloudy days, the four LED bulbs in the ceiling fan in the middle of the house light up the whole place, making reading easy wherever we sit. This has a lot to do with the white dome ceiling, which Ralph of Conrad’s Castles says reflects three times as much light as a ceiling in a regular house.

Additionally, this means that B finally has decent light in his room. In the tiny house his bedroom was in the windowless loft. The single lamp we put up there for him helped a lot, of course, but was still rather dim.

7. Storage space.

Between our high platform bed, the loft above the bathroom, and the much larger bathroom (the tiny house “bathroom” was a whopping twelve square feet!), we have plenty of space to store extra household goods and clothing as well as all the bulk food we want. Which is a good segue into my next appreciation…

8. Organized storage shed.

Now that we have more storage space in our actual house, I have been able to lighten the storage shed considerably by moving about half the things in them into the Tuff Shed – our former tiny house. The storage shed can now just be a tool/garden shed, with the Tuff Shed not only holding scrap lumber and PVC (up in B’s former bedroom) and extra miscellaneous household items (including the oven I rarely use), but also acting as J’s future art workshop and our new “outhouse.”


In summary, I love our new house and appreciate all the benefits having more space has brought us and I hereby publicly repent of whining about it.

Nothing against tiny houses, but I am glad to be out of ours. They are just hard to make work when you’ve got a kid. And, yeah, some of us want some room to wander around on a drippy, dreary day – or to dance wildly when we feel like it. 😉

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