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Emily’s Books

Most of my books are listed here; none of my articles are. Please visit  my Amazon author page for a full listing of the product I have available.

Right now, all of my books and articles are available only through the Amazon Kindle store – except one. In the future, I may make some of the books available through other online booksellers. If I do, I will indicate that on this page.

Here is the one book that I sell through this website:

garden_designs_josephine_ejunkyI wrote Small Garden Designs with the urban/suburban backyard gardener in mind. After providing some important small-space gardening information, the book gives you twenty-two ways to plan a vegetable garden for a variety of sizes of yard – including patio gardening. Due to all the graphics, it is difficult to publish in the Kindle format. Click here to read more.

Following are the rest of the books I have for sale. Please click the image to visit the Amazon product page of a particular book. Also, to stay informed on all my free and discounted promotions, be sure to subscribe to this blog via email (click the envelope icon in the sidebar).

Non-fiction books











hatchingnestegg-kindle-FINAL weirdgardening_sidebar Raised Beds Final_smaller










garden_compilation_flat crazy_simple_revised simplicity_cover_large_font simple_diet_flat


Fiction books

These are all full-length inspirational novels. You will find no vulgar language, sex scenes, or any other “adult” type material common with secular romance novels.

The “Texas Hearts” Series

The book covers are in order from first book in the series to the last.

Emily Final of EnvelopeGuns and Rosa Final Going Home Final Antonia Final









Chicago downtown cityscape in the night

Want to save some money? You can get all five novels in my “Texas Hearts” series for about half the price of purchasing each book individually. Click here to buy the boxed set.

Stand-alone novels



Laura would prefer not to get married. But when tragedy leaves her and her mother bereft of the wealth they have been accustomed to, Laura has little choice but to answer the ad of a Missouri farmer seeking a wife – and mother to his three young children.





Forest of Love is another of my stand-alone novels. I am in the process of getting a new book cover made for it, and really don’t care for the old one, thus just the text for the moment. 😉 It’s a conventional romance that takes place in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas.