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Every Day Is Groundhog Day

I recently had this revelation: every day is Groundhog Day.

No, I don’t mean that the date every day is February second. Nor do I mean that every day is bleak, cloudy and cold.

I’m talking about the old movie, Groundhog Day. Remember, the one that starred Bill Murray? The one where the guy enters his own personal Twilight Zone because every single morning he wakes up – for months, maybe years? – it’s February 2 and the events of the day are exactly the same as the day before? And the events are mostly not all that enjoyable.


Except after several days of waking up and getting to the point of being bored out of his skull – not to mention discouraged by the way his life is going – he realizes something. He realizes that he can use repeating the same day over and over to his advantage.

He can learn from his mistakes, and improve.

And so that’s what he does. He starts to implement small changes that affect the various events that occur on that day. And with each passing Groundhog Day, he learns, tweaks his approach, and improves the negative situations until by the end of the movie he is can play the piano at the level of a concert pianist and he has the woman of his dreams.

(There are other several other areas of his life in which he has made vast improvements, but for some reason those are the only two I remember. Probably because I only saw the movie one time. If you remember more, feel free to enlighten me down in the comments.)

The movie ends with Bill’s character finally waking up to seeing his alarm clock displaying the date as February 3. Time finally begins to move forward…and he is living his dream life.

Your days are basically the same

In real life, none of us will ever experience time standing still like that. However, chances are huge that your days are fairly predictable. You have basically the same schedule and face similar routine events. You usually encounter the same people. You incorporate the same skill sets into your daily work and recreational activities.

In essence, you have the same opportunity to improve you life as Bill Murray’s character did. In essence, every day is Groundhog Day.

My life as Groundhog Day

Like most people, I have room for improvement in every area of my life. Like most people, I have unfulfilled dreams. Specifically, I have always wanted to sing professionally. And although I would love to be proficient in both instruments, I have been a beginner guitar player and beginner piano player since my teens.

People, I’m forty-seven years old as I write this post.

So, since having my Groundhog Day revelation, I have taken action to improve a myriad of skills, as well as increase my knowledge base.

**Every day, I work on improving the functionality and production of my garden.

**Every day, I work on being more loving and more giving to my son and husband.

**I am working on being more outspoken with others about health and diet.

**I set up the Tuff Shed so that it is spacious enough and comfortable enough for me to work in.

**I now practice the guitar (in the Tuff Shed) and the keyboard (in the house with headphones on) for at least thirty minutes each every day – and have made significant improvement in both, even in just the few weeks since I started.

**I have begun singing again. Right now, I spend about fifteen minutes with vocal warm-ups and fifteen minutes singing songs – again, in the Tuff Shed. As my vocal chords get used to being used again, I am going to increase my singing time.

**I have begun writing songs. My plan is to eventually start a YouTube channel where I will play the guitar and sing, a mix of my songs and others.

**I am working out an exercise routine that will keep me fit as I grow older, and my back feeling good. The back stretches and core work-out exercises that Bob and Brad recommend have been a wonderfully helpful starting point. My lower back is feeling much better than it did several months ago, and I am finally able to work for long intervals in the garden without hurting for the next three days!

Unlike Bill Murray, sure, I’m getting older as I improve my skills and work toward fulfilling my singing dream in a modified way. But it’s like that story of the forty-year-old who finally had the money and time to get a medical degree who said, “But if I go to medical school now, I’ll be fifty years old before I become a doctor!”

To which the person’s wise friend replied, “And how old will you be in ten years if you don’t go to medical school?”

The person went to medical school and became a doctor.


Want a better life? Turn it into your own personal Groundhog Day…and let me know your goals in the comments below!

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