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Exploding Gorillas And First Berries

Another 7.2 inches of rain since Friday (it is now Tuesday morning)! At least we didn’t get it all in one night, like we did when I made the following video about sneaky ways to collect rainwater:

Ever seen what happens when you can’t get the cap back on a bottle of Gorilla Glue? No? Then check out this photo:


What waste. I told J if they sell it in small tubes, to buy it in that form from now on. In the ideal world, of course, J and B would stop coming up with projects that required that horribly toxic stuff.

Saturday was one of few sunny days we’ve had lately, and it wasn’t a lick humid. Nor overly warm. It was beautiful, so much so that for several minutes I simply stood and gazed at our homestead, feeling more grateful for what we have with every minute.

I felt inspired to video the main area of our homestead, but alas, the resulting product cannot project the great peace and joy that welled up in me as I made it. Nor does it replicate the natural beauty of the day by even half.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d share it with you. The only thing I dislike about it is the clutter our son will leave around, but at least I don’t have to yell at him to pick the junk up or the city will send us a nasty letter accusing us of “outdoor storage.”

Okay, the video:

I at the first blueberry, and the first raspberry. Yum and yum!

Unfortunately, the cardinals have discovered the berries as well, and so we’ve had to go through the pain of stretching bird netting over it.

But, hey, we’ve still got berries! 🙂

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