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Fear: Your Greatest Enemy To Success


Fear strips you of freedom.

This goes right along with my post about overcoming negativity, and is probably not a new revelation for you. But here’s the thing: other people’s fears can strip you of freedom, as well.

One of the reasons we moved out into the middle of nowhere is I wanted my son to have the kind of freedom I did growing up in a rural area. I wanted him to be able to roam and explore, to study nature unhindered, to run wildly, screaming, at the top of his lungs with no one around to care.

Last spring, our first spring here, J caught a rather large black king snake for B to handle. A little while later, our neighbor up the mountain drove down, freaking out about all the cottonmouths that she and her son had already killed that month on their respective properties. We saw not a one last year – and her son’s property is adjacent to ours – but all of a sudden our son couldn’t play with harmless snakes because she was terrified of cottonmouths.

A little bit later, for a couple of weeks a coyote was seen walking up our road early in the morning – but late enough that it was light out. Our other neighbors down the road saw it several times; I caught sight of it once. Our neighbors freaked and hinted that we were irresponsible parents if we let B walk around the woods alone.

Lest you think that living in a mountainous, rural area is full of dangerous wildlife, be it known that the north Dallas suburb where we used to live had areas where there were coyotes, bobcats, and yes, cottonmouth snakes.

I was always more concerned about the shady characters living in the subdivisions around us than of any animal.

What are you afraid of?

It’s annoying when other people limit your freedom – or try, anyway – by projecting their fears on you. But even worse is your own trunkful of fears.

Fear of failure will ensure that you never take any of the risks required to live a fulfilled life.

Fear of lack will ensure that you never give to anyone in need.

Fear of rejection will ensure that you will never make any friends, never find your soul mate.

Fear of loss ensures that you will hold onto things that don’t have eternal value.

Some people even fear freedom. They lack the self-discipline required to fill their time in productive, satisfying ways, and so they would rather work for “the man” for the rest of their life.

How badly do you want it?

If you want to live a fulfilling, successful life, you need more freedom. Your fears are holding you back. Begin to let them go, one by one, so that you can live the life of your dreams.

(Grab your copy of “The Money Monster”, and you’ll conquer the fear of financial failure.)

To your success!


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