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Figuring Out Your Purpose – Much Simpler Than You Think!

“What is my purpose?”

“Why do I exist?”

“What’s the meaning of life?”

All questions people have asked for thousands of years – and which most supposed gurus have failed abysmally to answer correctly. Even today’s theologians and motivational speakers usually miss the boat on this.

I understand why. I used to think discovering one’s purpose was a complicated business that could take most of your life. It’s not that I was ever taught that directly, but both the religious and educational systems have a way of obscuring the issue. Because if either system answers the question truthfully, it will set off a domino effect that will eventually lead to its implosion.

If you’ve been asking, “What is my purpose?”, I have fantastic news for you.

The answer is simple.

It doesn’t take a degree in theology.

It doesn’t take a motivational guru’s long-weekend, thousand-dollar seminar.

It doesn’t take a list of steps that you have to get exactly right.

Knowing your purpose is easy. And simple.

Because every single human being who has ever been born, and will ever be born, shares the same purpose.

Your purpose is to create.

In the beginning…

If you went to Sunday school when you were a kid, you very likely learned that you were created in God’s image. Most of the time, the explanation of what that means is limited to having a spirit.

God is a spirit being, He created people in His image by endowing them with spirits.

True though that may be, it’s only half of what is meant by being created in God’s image.

In the beginning, what did God do?

He created.

As He is the Ultimate Creator, so is each person a creator. God created us to create.

We are all creative beings.

With a caveat. As everything that God created He declared to be “good”, so it is His will that your creative endeavors be a blessing to others, to leave the world a better place than you found it.

We are created to create more good, more love.

“But I can’t -!”

You may be thinking, “But I’m not creative! I can’t write. I can’t paint. I can’t sing. I can’t dance. I can’t even build a house out of Lego blocks!”

You’re thinking that because we’re all taught that being creative has to do with the visual and performing arts. But the ability to create goes much farther than the visual and performing arts.

You can create a positive atmosphere in your home or the grocery store by speaking positive words.

You can create a better day for someone by encouraging them and smiling at them.

You can create a more productive environment at work by guiding others to seek solutions to problems.

You can create a love of learning in a child by being there for them, and sharing your knowledge and wisdom in engaging and interesting ways.

You can create a better life for an orphan on the other side of the world by giving. Because creativity is often a cooperative endeavor.

Most plays have multiple actors, not to mention the scene builders, the director, and the stage manager. A choir is obvious a cooperative effort to produce a performance.

Creative acts often occur via team effort.

If you’ve been confused about what your purpose is, it’s time to make a paradigm shift. You were created to create.

Your purpose here on earth is to create.

You are a creative individual.

“I get it, but…”

Having read this article answering the question, “What is my purpose?”, you are now in one of two places. First, you may be feeling relieved.

“Oh, it’s that simple? Wow! I totally know what my purpose is!”

Second, you may still be mentally floundering. “So…I’m supposed to create. Fabulous. But what am I supposed to create? How do I figure that out? Or does just anything go?”

And there, we run into the concept of calling. Your calling is the what, where, and when (and often with whom) of your creative purpose. We all share the same purpose of creating, but calling is specific and unique to each individual.

In the next Motivational Monday post, I will delve into how to discover your unique calling. It takes a little more digging than the purpose question, but again, it’s not nearly as complicated as we’ve been led to believe.

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To your abundance,


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