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Finally – We Moved Into Our Earth-Sheltered House!

Hallelujah! We have moved, and are, for the most part, settled. As I write these words, Jerry is working to finish our high platform bed (which will provide for storage underneath). By the time you read them, he will be finished with it and I will have organized the items we’re going to store underneath it. And J will be working on the doors for the bathroom.

We actually moved a day or two earlier than planned. Originally, we were going to move after J finished B’s loft bed. Then I saw the weather forecast for this past weekend, when we were going to move. Cold. Cold cold cold cold cold. I did not want to spend another wintry night in the Tuff Shed – not after seeing that our earth-sheltered house was maintaining a temperature between sixty-eight and seventy degrees during cold nights and cloudy, not-so-warm days without any heater being run.

I also did not want to have to be moving on a day when the morning would be literally freezing, and the later high only in the mid-forties.

So we moved Friday instead. I, with a little help from B, packed and moved nearly all the non-furniture items and small furniture (like wooden chairs) myself while J worked feverishly to complete B’s loft bed so he could move the big furniture. I have never been so exhausted as I was at the end of that day, nor as stiff as I was the next day (not in a long time, anyway).


Even better, our neighbor (who had been forewarned of this favor we would ask) helped J move the freezer as soon as J went to his house to ask for the help! So I only went one day having to go between the dome (our name for the earth-sheltered house) and the used-to-be-tiny-house-now-shed for freezer items.

Video tour of our new digs upcoming (won’t promise when, however). In the meantime, stay tuned for videos on how to build interior walls and how to build a loft bed. For now, here are three photos to give you a peek into our new home.

Benjamin being silly on the high platform bed that is mostly finished.

Benjamin being silly on the high platform bed (for our bedroom) that is mostly finished.


Part of our new kitchen (excuse the clutter on the floor; that is no longer there).


View into the living room from the kitchen.


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