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Four Reasons I’m Excited

I’m excited. And not just because I survived my mother’s eightieth birthday. I have several real reasons to feel super-optimistic about life right now.

Reason #1

A couple of days ago, I finished the rough draft of my latest novel! YAY!!! It took probably twice as long as I originally planned (I lost track of time), but I’m done!

Now for the fun part: editing.

Reason #2

B now has his own computer. Yes, there was a time I thought ten years old was too young for that. But you try seriously restricting video watching and video game-playing time for a kid with a super-active brain.

Before B came into our lives – back when I was a teacher and thought I knew everything about children – I scorned parents who used T.V.s and video games as babysitters.

I get it now. Sorry.

But it’s been quite the struggle, the three of us trying to share one computer. So, Windows 10 has finally been allowed into our home. By default, because they don’t sell computers with Windows 7 anymore.

We are all looking forward to having more computer freedom.

Reason #3

Related: I didn’t flinch at shelling out the $350 for a laptop for B (who, btw, was going to get his own computer eventually anyway. In case you’re looking down your ugly nose through those ‘80s-style glasses). Because the same day J and I decided we needed to break down and buy it, I figured out that we have been living more beneath our means than I thought. That is to say, we can afford to spend more dinero every month and still maintain the same amount of money in our investments.

Without me trying to bend over backwards to make money from books or YouTube. Not that I won’t keep trying, because it’s a fun challenge. And I have to write, so I might as well make a few bucks here and there from it. However, the world has literally opened up to us since I made that discovery.

Reason #4

I forgot. I’m getting tired now, as it’s after 8:00 p.m.

Good night.

Wait! I remembered. Unschooling. I’m excited about unschooling.

I’ve listened to podcast episode after podcast episode after podcast episode from unschooling moms, and I think I finally get it. Natural learning. Yes! It’s SO nice not to feel obligated to be the family Control Freak. And our family dynamic is gradually changing – for the better.

There ya go.

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