A Boost Toward Your Goal Of Financial Freedom: 64 Ways To Save Money

It seems about once a decade something happens to kick the economy in the teeth, leaving a lot of people reeling. They don’t have much, if any, money saved, nothing to fall back on. And not being in the habit of living frugally, they struggle with what normally are the most mundane expenditures: buying groceries, paying the utility bill, and so on.

But there’s another class of people. They are the people who are always prepared for emergencies, whether just in their household, or global. They have a decent amount of savings to fall back on, and they’ve learned to live frugally.

If you’d like to belong to that second group, and never have an emergency kick you in the financial rear again, my list of 64 ways to save money is the perfect thing to get you started with developing the habit of spending less.

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