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From Unschooling Woes To Unschooling Joy

Though I’ve decided to no longer post personal stories or homesteading info on this blog (see this blog and this other blog for those types of posts), I thought I’d update you on a post I wrote a couple of months ago entitled “Unschooling Woes.”

It got too hot and humid too fast for the plan I laid out in that post to be humane. It also got to be where I was feeling like a control freak again and taking away my son’s freedom.

So here’s the compromise we made: we play a rousing game of tag first thing in the morning, for about seven minutes (that’s seven minutes of hard running – the equivalent of nearly an hour of jogging). B will splash around in the little pond we have for fruit tree watering most days that we don’t go to the nearby state park to go swimming.

We go swimming for about an hour two to three times a week.

That takes care of the exercise concern. What about his intense interest in a seemingly mindless and useless activity?

I read this article. Not quite halfway down, someone contributed this encouraging piece:

My proof of my two teens and their “work efforts” from doing the seemingly endless days of nothing when they were children is I just came back from my 16 yo son’s job at a local pizza restaurant and was told that he is a rare gem because they have never seen the work ethics in someone so young before. He was the one who spent endless hours on video games till finished then afterwards, would announce how bored he was and then moved on to other adventures. He was always keeping busy because he never liked being bored. Many activities never appeared to look like school but I know he was learning and investigating life.

My 17 yo daughter was often found outside as child, staring off into nothing. I would chat with her later to find she was telling stories in her mind. She is now in college and her major is in Communications.

Trust that your child will have their own best interests in mind and will be very motivated to pursue what drives their passion.

More recently, I watched this video:

Listen, if an obsession with roller coasters can lead to a productive adult life…

The joy has returned to our unschooling journey. 🙂

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