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Homestead Happenings: Strawberries, A Snake, Tiny House Video

Here is a photo of all the strawberries I picked yesterday:


It’s the biggest harvest I’ve had in one day yet (at least two cups)! A lot of them are actually June-bearing – I guess in the South we should call them “May-bearing.”

I’ve had a couple of days where I or Benjamin found between eight and twelve, but finally, I have enough strawberries to equal a fruit serving!

It looks like I’ll have a similar harvest in another couple of days, and there are many more green berries at various stages of maturation. I even still have some flowers going on!

Want to see the little snake Benjamin found yesterday?

babysnake5-41 babysnake5-42

His favorite thing about living out here is finding snakes – and yes, he knows how to tell the venomous ones. But Jerry can’t tell from the Reader’s Digest wildlife book exactly what kind of snake it is – could be a baby kingsnake, could be a baby corn snake. Hard to tell.

Finally, I took another video of our current home. Before I go on, I want to make this clear: we have chosen to live in a small home because we WANT to, not because we HAVE to. (Ditto for choosing not to plumb the house.)

I’ll assume that you haven’t watched the first of my tiny house videos, and let you see the mess it was for the first few months we lived in it.

Here’s the latest. Notice how much tidier the house looks. We actually made three major changes to furniture/cooler arrangement before we settled on what we have currently.

I know this seems ridiculously small to some, and it is rather a chore to have to literally make the bed every evening and unmake it every morning, moving the other furniture in the process. But honestly, now that we’ve been living small (132 square feet for the loft, 192 square feet for the downstairs) for over a year, I really enjoy it!

Our earth-sheltered house isn’t going to be much bigger than the total square footage of our tiny house: 576 square feet. Big enough to give J and I a small, private bedroom, a bigger bathroom than we have now, and 200 more square feet of the “great room”. We’re looking forward to it, but I’m not nearly as anxious to move out of our tiny house as I was six months ago.

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