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Homesteading: It’s More Than You Think

What is homesteading? For many people, the word produces images of small houses in the country with large backyard gardens and a pen filled with goats, chickens, or pigs. Some envision acres and acres of farmland along with it; others, acres of woodland.

They are all wrong.

Okay, not really. Homesteading is certainly more doable, in several ways, in a rural setting than in an urban one. However, the words “homesteading” and “rural” are hardly synonymous. Plenty of wealthy people live in the country but don’t homestead, whereas the homesteading movement is lately gaining much momentum in urban areas.

It’s not about where you live, but how you live. Do you live according to the old-fashioned principles of frugality, buying your clothing second-hand, making bulk purchases at the grocery store, and reusing items until they are no longer usable? That’s a kind of homesteading.

Do you have a garden on the roof the apartment complex you rent in? Homesteading. How about the suburban family that line-dries their laundry, homeschools their children, and purchases as much food as they can from the farmer’s market?


A homesteader is somebody who chooses to live a more sustainable lifestyle than that which the mainstream dictates. He is somebody who is conscientious about his energy use. She is somebody who is on a journey toward more self-reliance.

I talk more about it in the video below. If you like it, click on it so that you can leave me a positive comment on YouTube. Thanks, and enjoy!

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