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How PLR Can Save Your Online Business

“What IS PLR, anyway?”, you may be asking yourself after having read the title of this post. Great question! Six or seven years ago, I had no idea what it was, either. So before I go on, allow me to explain what PLR is.

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”. You’re familiar with the term copyright. If a document or film or whatever is copyrighted, that means that the rights to use it belong to its creator, and to no one else. If you copy it and use it as though you created it, you are plagiarizing. To use any part of it legally, you either need to credit the creator or ask permission to use it.

Private Label Rights are documents that are, in essence, not copyrighted. You can buy the rights to use the document. Usually, the rights are open – you can use the documents in any way that you want. Sometimes, like some of the PLR Jimmy Brown sells (and if you want Internet Marketing PLR, I highly recommend you look at what he has), there is a limit to what you can do with PLR because the creator doesn’t want his material to be cheapened.

Now that you understand what it is, let’s go on to look at how it can save your business.

How PLR helps with an online business

Most people with an online business have a blog or a website as their hub. At least one. The more frequently a website is updated with quality content, the higher the ranking it receives in search engine results. The higher the ranking, the more traffic it receives.

More traffic to a website equals more revenue for the webmaster.

However, most webmasters will, at some time or other, get writer’s block. Or think that they’ve written everything they can about the website’s topic. What then?

Another conundrum they might face is that they want to sell a high-quality infoproduct, but while they have enough writing skill to keep up a blog, the idea of writing a book is overwhelming. Or they simply don’t have the time to put together a book.

This is where Private Label Rights content comes in to play.


PLR Articles

When you buy PLR articles, you usually have free rein with them. Here are a few ideas about how to use them:

  • Use the content as-is. I don’t recommend this, because if other people are using the same content as-is, the search engines will not like you because they don’t like duplicated content.
  • Use the entire article, but change the introduction, conclusion, and thirty percent of the body.
  • Use the entire article, but reword every single sentence.
  • Expand the article. Turn each paragraph of the main body of the article into its own new article.
  • Use the article for brainstorming. Sometimes just reading something somebody else wrote will help you come up with your own blog post idea.
  • Change the template. If the article is “Five Tips To Organize Your Home Office,” you might change it to, “The Secret To A Super-Efficient Home Office” and rewrite the article accordingly.
  • Use one-third to one-half of the article at a time to send content to your e-mail list.

Usually, when you buy (or are given) PLR articles, you also have the right to turn around and sell the PLR to others – or even give it away.

PLR Books

Private Label Rights books, as I mentioned above, are sometimes more restricted in the ways they are allowed to be used. However, if you get enough traffic to your website and you are pressed for time, it may be worth it to buy a PLR e-book and put it up for sale.

Not all PLR material is created equal

Some websites that sell PLR sell it dirt cheap. Know why? Because you get what you pay for. Many, if not most, articles and books from a cheap PLR site are in desperate need of being re-written. If you know you’re going to rewrite all the articles anyway – which I recommend – that can work out. At least you don’t have to think about what to write, which in itself saves a lot of time and could be worth the price of a dollar per article.

I would caution you, however, about purchasing PLR e-books from cheap sites. I once bought one about marketing.

Good on me, I read it before doing so. And was appalled. First of all, the writing style wasn’t great. Second, it did not deliver what it claimed it would in the sales letter. Third, it was only something like forty pages long. Fourth, it had a very negative tone.

It was so bad that I didn’t even want to give it away to other people!

Another issue with PLR e-books is accuracy. For example, a PLR e-book about Facebook that was written four years ago is going to be outdated compared to one that was written six months ago.

Where to find quality PLR

The best PLR, both articles and e-books, are often found on PLR membership sites. For a monthly fee, you get to download a certain amount of PLR content every month. Then there is EasyPLR.com. Nicole Dean, creator of the website, only accepts high quality PLR to resell, and she does not lock customers in with a monthly fee. You buy what you want, when you want.

Should you find a PLR membership site that you like, when you feel that you have enough articles to keep you going for a while, simply cancel your membership.

Again, if you want PLR related to making money online, you can’t get better than what Jimmy Brown sells.

In the ideal world, a blogger would always write completely unique content, churning out several 600+-word posts per week. But this isn’t the ideal world, and sometimes you need a hand. That’s when PLR content can save the day.

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