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How To Be A Better Wife: Five Steps

If you’re wondering how to be a better wife, good for you! That means that you realize that you are ready to do your part in making sure you and your husband have a strong marriage. Too many women expect their husbands to be Mr. Right, without ever making much of an effort to be Mrs. Right.

Which is a great way to jump right into the five steps of becoming a better wife…

Step one: Stay close to God.

God is love, and all who live in love, live in God.

To be a better wife, you need to be a more loving person. Therefore, per the above Bible verse, you need to stay connected to God.

Step two: Accept, don’t expect.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying not to have any expectations whatsoever of your husband. It’s perfectly within reason to expect him to do his best to provide an income, to remain faithful to the marriage bed, not to compare you unfavorably to other women, and to treat you with respect.

However, many women fail to accept their husbands as they are, and instead heap piles of expectations upon them. I used to be one of them, and I wonder if that might be a greater cause of divorce than money problems.

Because when you expect someone to behave differently than who they are, it creates a lot of stress for all parties involved.

  • Accept the fact that your husband enjoys watching sports on T.V
  • Accept that your husband has lower standards of cleanliness and tidiness than you do.
  • Accept that your husband doesn’t believe exactly the way you do.
  • Accept that your husband forgets that you need more physical affection than he does.

Which is a great segue into the next step…

Step three: Tell your husband what you need.

If you need fifteen hugs a day, then go up to him whenever you feel a need for a hug and ask for it! Contrary to popular belief, husbands can’t read their wives’ minds.

If you need your husband to fix the dripping faucet today because it’s keeping you awake at night, ask him kindly to get the job done.

If you would like twenty minutes to yourself every evening when you don’t have to worry about any small people interrupting you, work out a plan with your husband.

Speaking of asking for favors…

Step four: Say “yes” to physical intimacy.

Now, if he’s waking you up at four o’clock every single morning to “do it” to the extent you’re losing sleep, you guys need to talk. But most wives don’t have a husband who is quite that frisky in the bedroom.

Your husband needs that physical release. It’s actually physically painful if he doesn’t get it after a number of days of “holding it in.” It’s also the most important way he feels connected to you.

Unless you’re genuinely too sick or exhausted to have physical intimacy, say yes when he asks for it.

Step five: If you suffer from P.M.S., shut up!

Not every woman suffers from P.M.S., and if that’s you, go on wi’chore bad self.

If you do get moody during “that time of the month”, discipline yourself to keep your negative thoughts to yourself. I’m pretty sure that if I had spoken every nasty thought I had during that time, my husband would have left me a long time ago.

But I knew it was the hormones warping my brain, so I held all the horrible thoughts inside. And within three hours, they were gone. I no longer had the awful feelings that were leading to the terrible thoughts.

P.S. – If you have this negativity every month, try taking a magnesium supplement.


If you’re married and seeking a more abundant life, it will come a lot more easily if you decide to improve yourself. Learn how to be a better wife, and you will indeed have a better life.

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