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How To Be True To Yourself


Learning how to be true to yourself opens up a world of beauty.

If you are going to have a fulfilling, meaningful life, you must be true to yourself.

**Not true to what your parents think you should do with your life.**

**Not true to the dictates of mainstream culture.**

**Not true to some false ideal put out by Hollywood or Madison Avenue.**

True to yourself.

Who are you?

In order to be true to yourself, you have to know yourself.

For many people, that’s easier said than done.

You have to understand your temperament, your talents, your skills, your interests and passions.

The real challenge

That’s not the biggest hurdle people have. There is one more – a really high one – you need to jump over in order to discover the core you.

You have to take the desire for money out of the picture.

Why? Because in this culture, we are taught to go after money. This is a major reason why we pay multiple tens of thousands of dollars to go to school to enter a career that we really don’t care that much about. This is why we stay in jobs – even businesses – that we don’t like for years.

This is a big reason that we are a generally unhappy population, developing degenerative diseases at younger and younger ages and dying full of regrets.

I’m not saying money is evil, but…

Money should never be the end goal.

If you join a network marketing company, it should be because the product line or service lines up with your interests and passion…not because you saw the matrix and thought the business would make you rich in a year.

If you start a blog, it should be because you enjoy writing, not because someone said you can make six figures annually working two hours per day doing so.

If you are a trial lawyer, it should be because you love helping people and have the endurance required to take on high-pressure challenges.

If you are in technology, it should be because you truly believe it’s a good thing, and it fits your temperament, and you love math and science, and you get a kick out of analyzing and troubleshooting. It should not be because the career brings in good money.

An even bigger challenge

Most people struggle to find out what it means to be true to themselves because they have been so brainwashed by mainstream culture.

Unbrainwashing yourself takes a lot of time and tremendous effort. Trust me; I speak from experience. I am forty-six years old, and have had a sense of my true calling and my core desires for only about the past ten years. Recently – finally – it has begun to come into much sharper vision.

How to learn to be true to yourself

I can’t give you a formula or guide (although following some of the steps in my free e-book, Take Back Your Life! – get it free by signing up on the top of the page – will give you a giant push in the right direction). What I can do is suggest that you go somewhere quiet for a while, and think about who you are and what really drives you forward. Listen to that still, small voice that gives you a sense of peace, sometimes even excitement when you are on the right track; and a sense of dread and unrest when you have strayed from your path.

Then, pray for the courage and strength you will need to stop trying to please other people and the culture at large. And begin taking baby steps toward living a truly authentic life.

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  • Trevor March 4, 2016, 8:57 pm

    Excellent article! Thanks for sharing.
    Trevor Headley from Barbados