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How To Beat Moto 3X, Level 9

Our Sad Story

How do you beat the video game Moto 3X, Level 9? If you’re not one of my regular readers (to whom I apologize for getting totally off track from the usual family-related posts I write), what you probably really want to know is, “How do I even get STARTED with this stupid level?”

If you’re like my son (and me, when I tried to help him out), you’ve got a couple of questions going through your head. Number one, “Am I supposed to somehow get up on that platform above the nasty circle saw things, or am I supposed to jump those circle saw things without hitting the bottom of the platform?” Number two, “If  am supposed to get up on the platform, how in the Sam Hill do I do it?”

If you’re like my son, you’ve probably been pushing the up arrow button at the very beginning of the game to try to accelerate as fast as you can to get up on the platform…only to come crashing onto the circle saw things below (which always makes me groan and cringe. Poor guy).

After DS had tried for days to figure out how to conquer the ninth level of Moto 3X, it finally occurred to me to do a search to see if anybody had given away the secret in a blog post or video.

I couldn’t find any written explanations. But I found the following video on YouTube. Watch the first six seconds of the video a few times, and see if you can figure out the secret. If you are still confused, keep reading below the video where I reveal all!

Video explanation

Written explanation

Still haven’t figured it out? Well, go back and look at the very beginning of the video. See how all that smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe? The rider is revving up the engine so he can have a faster take-off than he would be just accelerating. You do this by pressing both the up and down arrows (accelerate and brake) at the same time. When you’ve got a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, release the down (brake) arrow. The bike should fly up close to the platform level.

But that’s not all! Notice the flip. As you get up close to the platform, press the right arrow button to cause the bike to flip forward. (This is not absolutely necessary; I’ve seen B get up there just by revving up the engine. But you get half a second knocked off your time if you can manage it.)

Voila! There you will be, on top of the platform and cruising safely over the evil circle saws.

You’re welcome. 🙂

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