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How To Beat Procrastination

How do you overcome procrastination in your life? First, you need to realize that people who live a life of freedom are people of action. I don’t mean the work-a-holic business owners, rock climbers, or mothers of toddlers. Not necessarily. And “freedom” means different things to different people. If freedom to you means living a quiet life in a cabin in the woods, you have to take action to get it. If freedom means working hard so you can retire in your thirties or forties, you have to take action to get it. If freedom means not having any overwhelming health problems into old age, you have to take action to get it.

But even after you realize you need to take action, you may still have trouble getting your rear in gear. I reveal one effective solution to this in the video that follows.

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How to beat procrastination? Find an accountability partner…and don’t procrastinate meeting with them!

Your accountability partner should be someone close to you who also is wanting to make better progress toward their goals. Make sure the person is supportive and encouraging. You may very well have people in your life who are going after goals, but may be the type who can’t see from other people’s perspective, and therefore might question your interests and motives at every turn.

If you ask someone to be your partner who is indifferent about dream-building and goal-achieving, they will probably not be enthusiastic about it and not last very long. Also, make sure whoever you ask is not a hopeless gossip.

After you have found someone with whom you can be accountable, ask if they want to be accountable to you. In other words, would you like to mutually life coach each other? The other person may or may not. If not, that’s fine, as long as they are enthusiastic about helping you along.

Agree to speak by phone or meet face-to-face once a week. Avoid doing this online – unless circumstances warrant it temporarily – because you will be more inclined to do what you say you’re going to do if you know you’re going to have to at least talk to the other person.

Here’s how a session might go:

  1. Share your victories from the past week.
  2. Talk about what you could have done better.
  3. Tell your partner what goals you are after (if necessary), and what several actions you plan to take during the next week to achieve those goals.
  4. Allow your partner to ask clarifying questions. This will force you to drill down into specifics you might have overlooked, or potential obstacles you might face.

The end. Simple. It can take as little as ten minutes per person for a meeting like this.

Want to overcome procrastination? Get yourself an accountability partner, and start moving toward a life of greater freedom!

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