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How To Build A Loft Bed

How to build a loft bed? It’s not rocket science when you’ve got good plans and the right tools.  After going back and forth between a high platform bed or a loft bed for Benjamin, we finally decided on the loft bed. That way, we could build in shelves beneath it and thus not have to put shelves elsewhere on the wall, and he would have more play space.

He even is able to store his clothes in totes on the shelves, eliminating the need for a space-hogging dresser.

He, of course, thinks his new bed is totally cool. The only problem is, Mommy doesn’t like climbing the ladder and so she refuses to go up and read to him in his bed. But the space he’s got now is much nicer than what he had when we were living in the tiny house.

If you’d like a visual on how to build a loft bed – and building a platform bed, such as we are now sleeping on, is much the same – watch the video below.

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