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How To Never Have A Bad Homeschooling Day

what to do on a bad homeschooling day

what to do on a bad homeschooling day

Some things that can cause a bad homeschooling day:

  • You didn’t get enough sleep.
  • Your child didn’t get enough sleep.
  • One or both of you is sick. (I will include moderate to severe P.M.S. symptoms here. 😉 )
  • A big weather change.
  • Upcoming new moon or full moon.
  • Mercury retrograde starting in a few days.
  • Serious excitement over a fast-approaching special event, such as a holiday or vacation trip.

Some things that happen on a bad homeschooling day:

  • Your child makes many more errors than usual.
  • Your child is whiny or uncharacteristically belligerent.
  • You are whiny or uncharacteristically belligerent.
  • Your child is behaving sillier than usual and is having more trouble concentrating than usual (I have to put in the “than usuals” for those of us with kids who fit in with the ADHD label.)
  • One of both of you is acting particularly clumsy.

Some choices for you on a bad homeschooling day:

  • Cancel all studies and let your child play all day.
  • Snuggle up together on the couch and read aloud to your child.
  • Try starting your homeschooling a couple of hours later.
  • Let your child play educational video games.
  • Watch educational videos.
  • Forget education and call it an entertainment day and crack out a favorite movie.

Many homeschooling parents plow through difficult days, stressing out both themselves and their children. They ignore one of the great benefits of homeschooling: the flexibility. You can do that if you want, but I would prefer never to have a bad homeschooling day. A day off once in a while is good and fun, and we can always catch up later.

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