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How To Play Video Games Without An Internet Connection

Figuring out how to play video games without an Internet connection has caused my and J’s brains to get tied in knots the past week or so. The reason is that, living in the middle of nowhere, we can’t get an Internet service that provides unlimited bandwidth. We have wireless Internet, and until a week after B got his computer had had only 25 GB per month, for $25. It was all we needed.

Until B discovered video games.


Also, as I discussed in this post, we had to upgrade our service to 50 gigs for $45, thanks to all the updating the new computer did. Even so, I called our ISP a couple of times over the next week, asking how much of our data we’d used so far so we could guesstimate how many video games we dared let B play every day.

He was using too much. See, he would try maybe ten video games a day because he would play a new one for ten or fifteen minutes, decide he didn’t like it, and click on a new one.

How to play video games offline…NOT

A couple of times I tried looking for articles that explained how to play video games without being connected to the Internet. And I found a couple of websites with promising information.

Until J tried to follow the instructions. A lot more complicated than they let on, he said.

The solution

Long story short, we tried to go back to severely limiting B’s time online. Then, trying to get him to stick to two or three games per day. After I’d developed several dozen more gray hairs, one morning J told B to turn on his computer and to open Firefox, but not to plug in the router. That way, he said, B could play the two games he had loaded the day before…WITHOUT BEING CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET, because the files were already downloaded to the computer! Hello! And why didn’t my geek husband think of this a week earlier?

So, here’s how to play online video games without using any bandwidth (note this only works for computers, not phones. I have no idea if it would work for a tablet/iPad).

  1. Play whatever games the day before.
  2. When you finish a game, leave the tab open.
  3. When you’re finished for the day, leave all the tabs with all the games open.
  4. Disconnect from the Internet. If you turn off your computer, make sure that the next day when you turn on the computer, go through whatever process you need to go through to disconnect from the Internet (there is probably an icon on the bottom of the desktop that you can click to disconnect).
  5. Open your favorite web browser.
  6. Play the games that have already been loaded into the various tabs.

Voila! An easy-peasy way to play online games, offline, bandwidth-free, without having to be a geek.

You’re welcome. 🙂


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