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How To Start An Online Business With NO MONEY, And Begin To See A Profit After Thirty Days

If you’re asking about how to make money online, you are far from alone. Which can be discouraging, because doesn’t that mean you have so much competition you have only the slightest chance of succeeding with an online business?

It depends. Mainly, it depends on your persistence. I once heard a blog consultant state that around 90% of people who start blogs with a view to making money from them, quit within the first year. If you look around YouTube long enough, you’ll find a lot of channels that haven’t had any new content posted for the past two to three years.

While many people set off on a journey to build a profitable online business, a huge percentage eventually quit. Why?

They don’t profit. Some even lose a lot of money. I know of one YouTube channel where the guy obviously put a lot of money into video-making equipment, and a lot of time into making each video. But he got frustrated with some change the algorithm made, and gave up…with several hundred subscribers panting for more of his videos.

I don’t want you to give up on your dreams of shaking off the chains that tie you to a job that doesn’t fulfill you. So in this post, I’m going to share four ideas on how you can start an online business that will begin profiting after about thirty days.

Note that I’m NOT saying you’ll be able to pay any bills with that profit, let alone quit your job. But if you can see even twenty, fifty, a hundred dollars in the first month, without having had to put any money into your new start-up, you will be motivated to continue to work hard and ramp up your efforts so as to gradually build up that income.

Let’s get into those ideas.

#1. The social media coach/consultant

Do you have an area of expertise that you know others are wanting help in? Whether it’s health and fitness, marketing, relationships, or any number of other topics, you can set yourself up as a coach or consultant and find your first client within the first week or two.

How? Join a group on your social media platform of choice (probably Facebook or LinkedIn) and start participating by helping the members of the group. You can set up a free blog at blogger.com, or a Facebook page, and include your contact information, a summary of your services, and the offer for a free consultation call. If you’re allowed, put the link to this page or website in your signature for the groups.

When you encounter someone in a group who seems to be in a bind that you know you can help with, message them and offer them a free consultation.

If you decide to go this route, I suggest you read a book about coaching or consulting before you get started.

#2. Selling your products via YouTube

This one will take a little more legwork if you want to profit within the first thirty days, because a brand new video on a brand new YouTube channel isn’t going to get many, if any, views for days, perhaps even weeks. And it takes a lot of viewers before one decides to purchase from you.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. If you’ve written a comprehensive book or created a video course on a topic a lot of people would be interested in – relationships, health, career change, videography, etc. – you could start a YouTube channel based on whatever niche your book or course is related to. Upload at least three content-rich videos a week in the first couple of weeks to give your channel immediate momentum within YouTube. Then, go to fiverr.com and find a few people there who promote YouTube videos. The people they promote to who end up watching your video may not want to purchase your product, but the higher view numbers will tell YouTube to start suggesting your video to more and more YouTube browsers.

If you can get a total of, say, a thousand of more views among your videos within the first thirty-days, and you promote your product at the beginning and end of each video (be sure to offer some bonus to sweeten the deal), you will probably get at least one sale your first month.

And all it takes to make a quality video is a smart phone and a video editor, and there are several video editors that have free versions.

#3.  Becoming a virtual assistant

Are you good at creating beautiful pins for Pinterest? How about doing online research, or connecting with bloggers on behalf of clients? What about writing 1,000-word articles, or proofreading or editing? Maybe you’ve delved into video-making as a hobby, and are well-versed in the in’s and out’s of video editing.

While a virtual assistant should have some online savvy in a few areas, you don’t have to know everything about every administrative task in order to set yourself up as a V.A. As a matter of fact, sometimes people who hire V.A.’s walk them through the specifics of the task they want done.

Eventually, you’ll want a paid blog as your home base for this one. But you can start with a free blog.

If you’re a mother, join Hire My Mom. Women or men can sites like Upwork or Guru. Yes, there are a lot of competition on those sites. So start by taking on a few jobs for free, or at a very low cost so you can get some good reviews. Let all your online and offline networks know that you’ve put out your shingle as a V.A., and ask them to put you in touch with anyone they know who might need their services.

If you work long enough to make enough of the right connections, you will likely have received your first paying gig within the first month.

#4. Website design for local businesses.

Don’t skip over this one if you know nothing about website or graphic design! Look for free courses about web design, and after a few weeks to a few months you’ll have enough expertise to begin to approach local businesses to offer your services as a web designer.

But don’t take my word for it. Click here to listen to a podcast episode from one of my favorite podcasts, “Side Hustle Nation,” to hear how one man who knew nothing about website design turned it into a significant income within a few months of taking a free course about it.

Remember: you’re not going for a “significant income” in thirty days, just a profit. And once you have the skills and get out and start soliciting them to local business owners, this is totally possible.


I know I haven’t hit on all the possible ways that you can start making money online without any money, and begin to make a profit in your first month. But the above ideas are a great place to start, and might inspire you to come up with a completely different idea that suits your unique skill sets, interests, and gifting.

Just remember: those who persist, win. 😉

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