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How We (Er, That Is, My Husband) Built Our Interior Walls

Belated happy Thanksgiving to you all, and happy ninth birthday to our son. 😉

I recently shared that we finally moved from our tiny house into a 576 square-foot earth-sheltered home. Yes, I know, to some of you that still sounds tiny. But try living in 192 square feet for two years and see how nearly 600 feels! Anyway, the space is perfect for us. One of the greatest lessons I learned from watching videos about and living in a tiny house is that it’s all about design.

Okay, and the willingness to change your “more is better” mindset. If you have tens of thousands of things, you have to live in a bigger house – or spend ridiculous amounts of money renting a storage unit every month.

But you can hear more about that in my book Crazy SimpleFor now, for the curious and for the DIYers out there, especially those who think that one day they might build their own home (or at least finish it out), I offer my twenty-minute video about how Jerry built the interior walls for our earth-sheltered house. Enjoy!

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