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I Finally Figured It Out…

Yes, at the tender age of 48.5, I finally figured it out.

I finally figured out that if I can’t settle on a direction for a long-term project, then God hasn’t given me the grace to do it.

In other words, I’m out of His will. Have gotten off track from my calling.

I’m talking about two things. First, this blog. Yep. You gotta know that if I have three blog posts within the space of six months that have a title similar to, “Changing The Direction Of This Blog”, then I’ve been hitting a brick wall during those six months.

Can you say, “Frustrated as a grasshopper in a jar”?

I’m also talking about my Crunchy Emily YouTube channel. I was sort of right when I wrote that post back in April about leaving YouTube. Except I wasn’t supposed to completely ditch YouTube, and I’m not supposed to be writing novels.

At least not at this point in my life.

I know God has called me personally to two tasks (apart from the calling He’s placed on J and I as a couple). First, I am to encourage and inspire my fellow believers in their walk with the Lord. Second, I am to teach believers how to walk in divine health.

So I’m laying down this blog, and my Crunchy Emily YouTube channel (I’ve long since lost the passion for the latter, anyway). However, the Holy Spirit led me to start a new channel called Emily Josephine Creates, and instructed me to vlog daily and share my heart. My hands are itching to write – specifically, to blog – so I’m going to reactivate my Emily Josephine Writes blog. The channel and the blog will be connected content-wise. The content will sometimes be humorous, and sometimes serious.

Soon I’ll be starting a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching health, aimed at believers. My book writing will lean toward non-fiction geared toward helping my fellow Jesus-followers to live more abundant lives.

I feel set free having made all those decisions, which lets me know that I am back on the right track.

So if you enjoy my writing, please follow me over at Emily Josephine Writes. Just remember, it’s going to be overtly faith-based here on out.

Blessings to you.

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