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I Should Just Shut Up

I mentioned recently that the danger of blogging is announcing something, only to later realize I was either wrong or that it plain old time wasn’t time to be announcing it. And then, there I am, egg on my face and eating crow.

So much for my vegetarianism!

During my prayer time the other day, Father spoke to my heart that now wasn’t the right time for me to be working on the Story Math™ project. I didn’t bother asking when it would be the right time. First, based on prior experience I figured that I wouldn’t get any kind of concrete answer. Second, I was so utterly relieved to hear it that I didn’t really care!

Yeah, yeah, I know: “Emily, flaking out again? Like with the how many unfinished novels on your desktop?”

For your information, writing novels is a completely different animal from writing curriculum. Ask around and see how many people out there have at least one unfinished novel on their computer. Then ask how many have an unfinished math curriculum.

Answer: none. Everyone has finished the math curriculum they set out to write! See, novels are much harder to complete!

Seriously, I have not been able to make the first story in the first grade book work (by the way, yes, I have finished the Kindergarten book). I think I have written it past the halfway point five times before realizing it was all wrong and starting over! (This equates to about a month of work, people. A rough draft of a novel.)

I could not make it work. Even when I finally felt like I had it going somewhere, every letter I typed felt like taking a pliers to one of my teeth.

I felt like I was trying to drag a Hummer up the mountain with my teeth.

And that is what drove me to pray about the situation. If I know nothing else in all my years of growing in my relationship with God, I know these two things: first, if I lose my joy over a project and it becomes a major struggle, either God has taken His hand off it for the time being or His hand was never on it in the first place; and second, my timing is always light-years ahead of God’s (ever notice how slowly He seems to move?).

So I am still eagerly anticipating offering the homeschooling world Story Math  one day. But I am relieved because sitting down to work on it was becoming a greater drudgery every day. I know that when it’s God time, writing it will be a joy again.

Funny thing is, a couple of weeks ago I had another idea for a math series. Not a curriculum exactly, although all the books could be used as one if a home educator wanted to. I don’t want to give too much away. Let’s just say that I figured out that they will be loaded with fun pattern-based and hands-on activities to teach children the various facets of math.

Let’s also say that this idea grew to gigantic proportions in my brain over the next couple of weeks, to the extent that I began to get excited about it, and so to wonder if God was calling me to create that one instead of the other.

So when God spoke to me to lay off Story Math™ for a while, do you think I asked? You better believe it! Guess what the answer was?

Yes. Yes!

Now, don’t expect me to be publishing anything next month. Number one, I am going to take it slow so that I don’t strain my eyes over it (does Irlen Syndrome have to get worse as I get older?). Number two, to do the best job possible I am going to have to do a bit of research.

But this series may just come out before Story Math™. Maybe. I’m not announcing anything. Because you know how flaky I can be. 😉

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