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It Pays To Be Nice To…ANYBODY!

A while back, I wrote a post on my Blogger blog about a situation in which we learned that it pays to be nice to rich guys. I said that to a friend, and she said, “It pays to be nice to everybody.”

Well, we had that illustrated to us yesterday. Last fall, we had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes. The other guy with property adjacent to us (I’ll call him Mr. W.) asked me how to get them started, how to cure them, etc. I told him how we’d done it, and he thanked us and said he was going to try it next (that’s this) year.

Spring arrived, and over half of the sweet potatoes ended up rotting because we didn’t have room to store them inside (this is not the fault of us living in a tiny house; it’s the fault of us continuing to hold onto stuff we don’t need). So Jerry dug out a makeshift root cellar per the instructions he found online on the Mother Earth News website.

It didn’t work.

So when Mr. W. dropped by one day a couple of months ago, I gave him the sad news that I wouldn’t be growing sweet potatoes. I could have bought some from Whole Foods or through the Oklahoma Food Coop to start, but I knew we would be busy this summer and fall working on the new house, so I thought I just wouldn’t bother.

Then yesterday, Mr. W appeared out of the blue with thirteen leftover sweet potato sprouts. He didn’t have room for them, and we could have them if we wanted. Of course, he may have offered them to us if I hadn’t given him sweet potato growing advice last year, but I’m sure it was, in part, our kindness coming back to us.

Anyway, we wanted. I had plenty of room in my garden; and besides, they’re not that much work, really. So now I have thirteen sweet potato slips planted in their rightful spot. The bed will be a mess again this year; not knowing I would be planting sweet potatoes, I went ahead and planted two kinds of melons. But it worked last year with two melons and twice as many sweet potato vines growing, so I am neither dismayed nor befuddled.

Here is a photo of one of the sweet potato sprouts:


Last year, on the rare occasion that I had to water my garden it was frustrating to water the sweet potatoes because I had no idea where the roots were once they vined out like crazy. So I told myself that hereafter, I would mark where I planted them with orange flags so I would know where to water.

And so I did:


Now, for a few other things going on in my garden right now.

Volunteer tomatoes fruiting!

These are the tomatoes in the brush pile. This photo is of the first fruit of all my tomato plants to grow:


The next is a newer fruit:


Look at this crazy thing that volunteered in my flower garden, which is on the south side of the vegetable garden:


My flower garden

My dwarf zinnias are flowering nicely.

dwarfzin dwarfzin2

Here are a couple of my giant zinnias (the one to the left has blossomed), with a volunteer petunia in the middle:


Other vegetable happenings

My Sweet Dumpling pumpkin plants are doing great so far!


I’ve got more and more pole bean blossoms.


And look! My first baby green bean (toward the bottom of the photo):



The two bush bean plants are finally growing buds.

And now, not one, but TWO videos!

When you have something like twenty inches of rain in the space of four to six weeks, flooding happens. Here’s a video I made and published last week of our local lake that has washed out roads:

The water actually got higher than that before it started to recede. Finally, we have a week with no rain forecast, so the waters might actually get off the road!

The flooding has been much worse in Texas, by the way, especially in the big cities.

If you have fifteen minutes, you can get the full update of my garden as of May 27, 2015, in the following video.

Blessings to you,


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