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Living Without Money: Is It Really Possible?


Can a person really live without money? My mind seems to go in cycles with a few life issues, one of those being money-related. I go from wanting to have enough wealth that we could buy anything we wanted without blinking, to wondering if it would be more spiritual/eco-friendly to pare our lifestyle down so that we don’t need hardly any money – and so that the government would have to legally stop stealing what is ours.

I went through that latter part of the wealth cycle shortly before we moved to southeast Oklahoma, to the extent that I did an online search for “living without money”.

I found out about two interesting people. One is a sixty- or seventy-something woman with – I think – a pH.D. who lives in Europe. She claims to have been living without money for some years, having given her life savings away.

Then there is this guy in Utah, living in a cave in a national park or wildlife preserve or something. Obviously, he pays no rent or mortgage. But, oddly enough, he doesn’t run around naked. Neither does the woman, and they both eat – and not because they spend several hours a day hunting squirrels and gathering wild berries.

Their clothes cost money.

I don’t remember reading specifically about the clothing of either of the people; however, my impression was that they either dumpster-dived for their clothes, or friends gave them clothes. Or maybe a combination of both. I assume, as well, that they both wear clothing until the clothing wears out.

Whichever way, somebody spent money for their clothes in the first place. Since they were not hunting deer and wearing the resulting deerskins as their respective coverings, they were not living without money in the arena of clothing.

Their food cost money.

The guy in Utah mostly dumpster-dived for his food, or was given food by others. The European lady did a mixture of dumpster-diving and depending on the generosity of friends.

How did that food get there? Somebody paid for it to be grown and/or processed. The grocery stores paid for it to get onto their shelves.

Since they were not raising or hunting or gathering their own food, they were not living without money when it came to food.

Their homes…

Ah-ha! Finally, one area in which the Utah guy actually doesn’t spend money.

Or – oh, no. Wait. It’s a national park, right? Or wildlife preservation area or something. He may not have to pay rent for the cave, but someone has paid taxes for the area he is living in to be protected.

The lady, for her part, crashes at the homes of various friends. Her friends are paying rent, or are paying – or at one time paid – the mortgage on a house.

“Money is an illusion.”


The guy in Utah claims that a while back, he had some sort of revelation that money is just an illusion, that people can and should live without money.

The only problem is, he hasn’t yet proven it is possible. He has only proven that one can live off of other people’s money.

As for the doctor…which university granted her degree, anyway? How can she live off of other people, who spend money every day in order to have food and shelter, and say that she is living without money?

There is an illusion going on, all right. It is between each of their pairs of ears.

Money is an exchange.

Even in “primitive” societies, people trade. Those who live on the coast trade dried fish and fish eggs for the skins and other goods more easily produced by people who live inland. Trading was the first currency. A kind of money, if you will.

Money is everywhere, and not going away anytime soon. So you best learn to manage it and download your copy of my free report, “The Money Monster.” It reveals the number one mistake people make with their finances, without even knowing it. Look over here ==> and up a few inches in the sidebar.

Back to the question: can you live without money?

Sure! Once you die and go to heaven.

To your (financial) success!


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