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Look! New Book Covers!

I did it. I finally broke down and paid a professional e-book designer to redo my book covers. So far, all the novels in my “Texas Hearts” series have new covers.

Here are the old ones that my husband designed, doing the best he could using Artweaver (an open source graphic design software):

envelope_thumbnail gunsandrosa_novel_flat going_home_flat antonias_dance_novel_flat benitas_dream_noval_flat

Not bad at all, and I really liked them at the time. But one thing that bothered me is that romance readers like seeing pictures of the hero and/or heroine on the front. Since Jerry didn’t have the skill in making that work, beyond slapping a title on top of a photo, we avoided using people pictures. Also, I’ve seen the covers of some pretty poorly written Indie novels and short stories – and they look better than my covers!

I had to start to set myself apart, get serious about having a book business.

That said, here are the new covers:

Emily Final of Envelope Guns and Rosa Final Going Home Final Antonia Final Chicago downtown cityscape in the night

Like them? Miss Mae created them for me. Using input from the author, she finds and purchases royalty-free photos from fotolia, then blends everything together. She’s great to work with; if you pick out a photo yourself and it has the wrong dimensions or isn’t very eye-catching, she’ll tell you and make her own suggestions – always reminding you that you have the last say in anything.

I think the cover for The Envelope took the longest because I was new at working with her. Most of them were completed in three or four days! (Of course, Miss Mae doesn’t guarantee this rate of completion.)

I chose Miss Mae out of several other cover designers I found because the price was right. If I wanted to be picky and have someone illustrate a cover, I would pay over $100. Sure, I would probably end up with something even closer to my vision, but right now that would pinch a little too much to do, given all the titles I’m having her do in a relatively short period (she’ll be designing the covers for two more of my romance novels and several of my non-fiction books) – and given that I’m still working on ramping up sales enough to justify that kind of cost for a cover.

“Everyone” says that you must have a professionally designed cover, because people do judge a book by it. Now I am much more likely, anyway, to have an advertisement application accepted by any of the sites that promote e-books.

If you’re an Indie author looking for an affordable cover designer, I can’t recommend Miss Mae more highly. Thanks, Miss Mae, and I look forward to continuing a working relationship with you. 🙂

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