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Marvelous Muscle Testing!

Muscle testing: you either believe in it, or you don’t.

Chiropractors call muscle testing “applied kinesiology.” It is based on the electrical paths that run through the body, similar to the ancient Chinese idea of chakras that acupuncture is based upon.

Certain foods (such as those high in sugar or any you are allergic to), toxins, or conditions of ill health will block certain paths. Speaking untruths blocks electrical pathways, as well.

How to muscle test yourself

Extend the index finger of your dominant hand. Curl the second finger up on top of it. Press down with the second finger, but resist the pressure with your index finger. Your index finger should stay locked in place.

Now, speak an untruth. If you are a man, say, “I am woman,” and vice-versa. Push down your index finger with the second finger. If your electric pathways are working correctly, your index finger will unlock and get pushed down. Now say something that is true, and your index finger will stay put, successfully resisting the pressure of your second finger. This method is called “self-muscle testing.”

You can muscle test other people by having them extend their right arm out. When you put a gentle pressure on that arm, it will stay locked to indicate your body saying “yes”, and will unlock and go down to indicate a “no.”


What is it used for?

In the realm of healthcare, you can use muscle testing to…

…discover nutritional deficiencies. For example, say, “I have enough vitamin C in my system.” If your index finger unlocks and goes down, you are deficient in that vitamin. Results may be more accurate, depending on how familiar you are with nutrition, if you are holding a bottle of vitamin C while you do the test.

…discover the dosage of supplements, drugs, and natural remedies. If you find you are deficient in vitamin C, hold a bottle of vitamin C supplement either at your stomach or at the left side of your chest (yes, you can keep your shirt on!). Ask, “How many of these tablets/capsules do I need?” (In the case of essential oils, you can ask, “How many drops do I need?”) Press down on your index finger with your second finger a number of times, counting each time you press. When your index finger unlocks, that means the previous number indicates how many/much of the supplement you need. So if your index finger unlocks when you say, “Four,” that means you need three capsules or tablets.

…find out if you should take them all at once, or several times throughout the day. If the latter, how many times, and even the best time of day.

…uncover any pathogenic activity in your body that needs to be remedied. Say, “I have a viral infection.” If your index finger stays locked, you may have the cold or flu. The same goes for a bacterial or fungal infection, or a parasite problem. Then you can muscle test the best remedy for it. (By the way, you can have an infection without exhibiting any symptoms.)

…find out if a particular food is healthy for you. Put it against your stomach (it can be in its package), position your fingers, and state, “This food is healthy for me.” If your finger unlocks and goes down, don’t buy/eat it!

There are other applications for muscle testing, but those are the main ones that have to do with self-healthcare. Does it work? Yes. I’m not getting into details here; they are all laid out for whomsoever will in my book Crazy Simple: 307 Ways To Save Money, Your Health, And The Planet.

To your success!


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