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Miss This Success Factor, And Live A Miserable Life (Success Factor Number Thirteen)

Of all the success factors we’ve been discussing and will discuss, this is one that is least likely to be considered. But if you are serious about learning how to be successful, you need to be serious about implementing this principle into your life.

And it is the one success factor of which I could say, if you haven’t done it already, it may be too late.

Here it is:

Marry the right person.

Notice that I didn’t say, “Marry the perfect person.” You would never get married! And you have to keep in mind, as well, that both of you will change and grow after you get married. This growth will cause both of you to tweak your goals and dreams to an extent, and that is healthy and normal.

You may find that your spouse wanted one thing when you got married, and now wants something different. Good different, but different, and it may collide with something you want. So you both need to sit down and talk and compromise.

Compromise is an essential part of both marriages. Rare is the union of a couple where both the husband and the wife grow and change in the exact same way, and maintain their exact commonalities as they had when they began their marriage. I say this because I don’t want you to think that you have married the wrong person because over the years, their desires shift away from what they were at the beginning of your marriage. This success factor is not about being unrealistic.

When I say, “Marry the right person,” I’m talking about marrying someone who will support your goals and dreams and encourage you in them, and who will not take actions that will sabotage your freedom.

For example, guys, if your girlfriend is a shopping freak who charges her credit card to the max, unless you go through some kind of financial counseling or program that causes her to change her heart, she will behave the same way after you are married. Ditto for women who marry gamblers. Don’t expect them to suddenly become financially responsible just because they are married. They won’t – not for a long time, anyway – and as long as you stayed hitched to them, you will never experience financial freedom.

Gals, if the guy you want to marry can’t keep a job, and in between jobs just loafs around at his parents house and does nothing, you need to fall out of love with him yesterday. You will likely end up being the family breadwinner, and if you want to raise children this will end up being a disaster.

What if you have fallen in love with someone who is everything you want in a spouse…except that they make fun of you because you throw direct sales parties twice a week because your goal is to quit your day job within two to three years? Someone who doesn’t support you in what you believe will fulfill you will only drag you down once you’re married.

If you have not married, this is one of the most important success factors – unless, of course, you choose to stay single. If you are already married and struggling because both of your goals and dreams seem to be at odds with each other, I encourage you to see a counselor before giving up on the marriage.

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To your success!


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